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    I have two older holley pro-jection tbi's. The only number I can find on them is 34r-11109B. From my research I have found out that they are 670cfm tbi's. I have 2 brain boxes that go with them. One is made for Holley by msd, and the other is made by icci.
    Both have 5 adjustment knobs, choke, accelerator pump, idle, mid range and power. from what I have read this is an analog system. I'm not sure what it's worth, But I saw them selling on another web site for 100.00 bucks per tbi and 150.00 bucks per brain boxes.
    I would sell both tbi's and both brain boxes for 375.00 or best offer. Price is negotiable because like I said I am asking this based on what I have seen other people asking. If interested pm me.




    Still available,Willing to take 300.00 or best offer. Again Price is negotiable. If interested pm me.

    break them up and sell, youll get more interest in one system than 2. These work pretty good considering the analog nature of the controllers.

    I just figured someone would want all of it. That way they have 2 different control boxes to try and they could keep one as a spare and keep one of the tbi's as a spare. still available and price is still negotiable.

    I know this system works, My father ran this system on a 440 in a 1973 power wagon truck for years. It works well too. Believe it or not, but his 440 was getting 12 mpg on the highway and 10 in city with this system.
    Then he bought a 300hp crate 360 magnum when the 440 got tired and installed this system on it and he was getting 18 mpg highway and 14 city with the 360 magnum.

    If someone is interested in just one tbi and control box let me know. You don't have to buy both of them, I just posted both of them because I thought it would be more appealing to have 2 tbi's and 2 control boxes.
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