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    Oct 13, 2004
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    Im looking at my trucks radiator (see pressure post story) and am trying to determine what went wrong. I cleaned the radiator out with pool acid. hardly any crap came out and it looked great inside, bright copper from what I could see inside the lower hose outlet. I notice 1-2 rows of about 60 at the edge are pinched off at the very top, disconnected and soldered shut, prior repair? and some of the little folded foil stuff between tubes is deteriorated, sort of dissapearing. Is that what cools th tubes, that foil (I dont know what its called, I just remember watching "how its made: Radiators" and that stuff is just stacked in there, not soldered or anything). So: Do the tubes get plugged (rod out needed?) or is it the filler that stops conducting heat? My water pump is new and there are no leaks, new 180 stat (under the OEM 195)there was even antifreeze in there, not straight water. IT feels uniformly hot but for maybe 2 rows dead center that feel much cooler. I cant imagine this little 2.0 motor needing a big a$$ radiator as my buds '64 was about the same size. I may have been running a little lean too as my carb shaft bushings were almost gone. What up?
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