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Hows every one doing ?

  1. Been awhile. Im back on the hunt for a project. Hoping to be around more again.
  2. Holy Crap......How did FABO exist back in '69. Smoke signals:rolleyes:


    AdamR checking his Inbox.:rofl:

    Just joking of course. Welcome back:thumbsup:
  3. Carrier pigions
  4. Good to see you posting again Adam.
    I hope you and your family are well.
    What kind of project are you looking for?
    Personally, I'm doing okay.......
  5. Wow! been awhile. Hope all is well with you and yours.
  6. Preferably a Duster/Demon/Dart Sport. But needs to be in the 4K range. Not expecting anything great. lol
  7. Adam, good to have you back. Keep us posted on whatever project you acquire.

  8. Don’t know what it’s like on your side of the country, but 4K out here gets you scrap. If you are capable of doing most or all the work yourself, or have the capital to fund it, that’s a different story.
  9. Welcome back Adam, we moved the furniture around a little, and tried to keep the light on for you, and change as little as possible!

  10. About the same here. But Ive worked in body shops for a number of years,
  11. Good to see you Adam.
  12. The monkey is back?

  13. Hey Adam, long time no see. Good luck finding a project. Demons are good.

  14. Thanks. Hope you and the wife are doing well. Looks like it's going to be a long hunt.
  15. Yup, things are good here even though we got about 16 inches of snow last night. This too will pass.

    Those hunts for a project can take some time for sure.

  16. We had about 15" last Monday and another 10" yesterday.
  17. Hey Adam, Nice to see you around.
  18. Welcome back, buddy! Good luck with your search.
  19. The only time where getting smaller/less is a good thing......
  20. He's baaaaaa-aaaaack.
  21. Long time no see. Hope all is well. Still doing the detail thing? What kinda d of project ya looking for?
  22. No more detailing. I had to walk away from my business when I went through my divorce and suddenly had 3 kids to take of on my own. I work for a commercial dishwasher company now.

    I would actually prefer a 73 Dart Sport or Duster, but I'm open to anything 68 to 73 2 door.
  23. Would love to grab this. For some reason I really like the 73 cars. Especially with a sunroof.


  24. From what I can see...that ain’t a bad price. I’ve seen straight garbage SELL for more than that.
  25. and there is a lot of of straight garbage out their.
  26. You know Adam, it's too bad that you live so far away from me.
    I could set you up with a project car well within your price range, but you are about 2400 miles away and in a different country, which over the border traveling is not at all possible for the fourseeable future.
    Dang it.........
    But, that's not to say you won't find something in your price range locally, you just need to persist and it will come to you.
    Good luck.
  27. Thanks. Ill found something one day hopefully. Unfortunately muscle car values are climbing way faster than my salary. lol
    Doent look like its gonna happen this year. The wife car needs a motor. So my toy money will be going into her Traverse. Maybe I'll LS swap it. lol

  28. Hey there, how have you been... Good to see you back....
  29. Just glad to see you back! Good luck on the hunt for a project. All the best to you and yours!
  30. Check his one out, looks clean. I love F3 green.
    1973 Plymouth Duster Cars On Line com Classic Cars For Sale.jpg
  31. I'm a big fan of greens too. I can't believe the prices though. Almost 8k for it. Man prices have climbed in the last 20 years. I paid 7k for my 70 440 Cuda in 2002.

    Regardless, the car is out for the year. The wifes car needs a motor. Maybe next year. Sigh.
  32. Ahhh , that sucks.

    I know you realize this but it bears repeating. Regarding cost, if you look at things from a pedigree value, prices are absolutely ridiculous for /6 cars. Nowadays though if they're clean my opinion is they're worth every penny because you'll save yourself way more not having to do body work, even if you can do it yourself, like you. Plus it's easier to keep them rolling so you can drive them while you upgrade.

    This may sound like I have a money tree or what have you but when I look for a car, I pretty much resign to the fact that I'm going to add the cost of transport from the west coast. My rationalization for that is even spending an extra $1,200 or so on top of the what the car costs you're still money ahead since you're just not going to find anything close by us here in the Northeast and/or relatively cheap that isn't rusted up to the belt line.

    Just saw this today too. 73 & 74 Duster, $6,500 each out in San Diego. Sorry!


  33. I totally agree. I've had 2 Cali cars. Well worth it.

    I'd do terrible things for either of those cars.
  34. Wery Grood.
  35. looks like a decent deal.. even after shipping its under your budget..

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  36. Unfortunalty today I had to put my dog down. that on top of my wife putting her intake valves through the pistons means no car this year. Maybe when I retire lol