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Im related to George Washington!

  1. Are you ready for this?
    I am the 13th great grandchild of someone who was the 3rd great grandmother of Pres. Washington...? WTF?
    it seems my mom is the 4th cousin 9th removed of Pres Washington. Does that make me 4th 10x removed? She has the tree but I'm not a subscriber of ancestry.com so I cant see it. I recon there are over 8,200 people related just going back 13 generations if everyone had 2 kids....It seems a cousin is any offspring of an aunt or uncle no matter how far they go back (ie great great great grandmothers sisters kid is your cousin). 9th removed is how many generations it goes back?
  2. but how many degrees from Kevin Bacon?
  3. 6....
  4. I was in the Corps with George Washington. I don't think you're related to him.
  5. Us Marines are ALL Brothers.....! Semper Fi!
  6. It's pretty cool when you find out you have historically iconic relatives.

    When our oldest son, now 25, was in 5th grade, thee class was assigned a heritage project where they had to do a report on the founding families of our state, Maryland. Wife took him to the library and asked the right librarian for help in finding books about Lord Baltimore and Princess Anne. She led them to a book titled "Maryland's First Families". It was something like the 5th edition. Reading thru it, I started recognizing last names that I had heard at my grandfather's house when I was a kid. That grabbed my attention. The book began with the English settlement at St Mary's in 1634, and ended in 1963 with the mention of my older brother's birth. Turns out I am a descendant of Lord Baltimore. Also added truth/fact to the family lore that my grandmother's side of Dad's family owned about half of St Mary's County and just about all of Calvert County up thru the late 1800's. No wonder she'd throw you out of the house if you mentioned her father, who apparently gambled all of it away as a drunkard, resulting in her being homeless as a child/teen.
  7. There once lived a man, perfect in all his generations, that became the many-Greats Grandfather of all humanity.
    Easy come/easy go?
  8. That's really cool, but can you stand in a moving boat without falling in the water?


  9. ?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.americangrit.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2018%2F04%2FMeme.jpg
  10. George Washington had no known children, only step-children from Martha's previous husband Daniel Custis. So no grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc. This has been the accepted lineage for over 200 years. Lots of nephews and cousins, though. DNA could show this to be untrue, however.
    One of Martha's grandchildren was George Washington Parke Custis, of the Arlington estate, now National Cemetery. His daughter Mary was Robert E. Lee's wife, who inherited the estate. The property was seized by the Federal Government and made into a cemetery. One of the early burials was the son of the QM General who was killed in the war.
  11. I work with a guy Leon Washington...nice fella...:)
  12. :rofl:
  13. No really...:)
  14. Well that's cool, however I'm sure his statues will be coming down soon too.
  15. According to the thought police he wasn't a perfect being, therefore he must be cancelled.
  16. I've been doing genealogy for over 30 years. My grandma got me started.
    I knew George was in my tree. I wonder why I'm not on anyone's Christmas card list?

  17. I am related to Noah!
  18. Anyway OP, congrats. I'd buy ya a beer if we were in a pub and told me that...LOL! It just seems like it would warrant a beer being related to GW.
  19. @Dartswinger70 ill take it!

    i can even stand in a moving boat...did it for 6 months!
  20. I had a "pleasure" cruise too! upload_2021-10-20_17-13-56.png
  21. Got some more info on my lineage. So Washington didn't have any kids? No problem. His Great-great grandmother Elizabeth Webb is my great (x13) Grandmother too!
    Picture a tree with Washington on the 5th branch down, go up to the top 4 generations (Elizabeth Webb) and then drop 16 down the other side and there I am. Cool!
  22. I wonder what they plan on calling the state of Washington, maybe wokeington
  23. I just found out George Jefferson was related to Thomas and Weezy happens to be Michell Obama's aunt.
  24. What would the thought police think of Jesus Christ....vandal, agitator, hooligan at the temple, defying the hand washing law...tree murdered? I hold the thought police opinion very low.
  25. That makes you cousins, very cool.
  26. I think it's pretty well known they don't believe in Jesus. As it stands shit is ass backwards in this the greatest country ever in the world.
  27. Already those thought police think mlk was just some uncle Tom.
  28. For some reason I went straight to George Jetson in my head, semi dyslexic
  29. :rofl::rofl:

    Everybody knows George Jetson's wife is Jane!
  30. Here's one for you Navy guys.
    DD-363 USS Balch rescuing survivors as USS Yorktown is abandoned at Midway. USS Balch was also on the Doolittle Raid, at Guadalcanal and the Aleutians. Then did convoy escort duty in the North Atlantic. Named for my cousin George Beale Balch.

  31. Congratulations!
    BUT!!!! Can you ‘cannot tell a lie?’
  32. No...wait, I just did, uh....yes?

  34. Me too! What a small world!
  35. they say up to 20% of the worlds population may have some Ghangis Khan DNA as he sowed his rice into about every woman he ran across.