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Johnny's 68 Formula S

  1. Hey all Gonna post about my 68 here If anyone wants to follow Along
    So far paid for car, arranged for shipping 7/30/21
    The first pic is the car i had years ago

    Here are some pics and items i want to do
    Get Engine Running
    Set of Factory exhaust manifolds
    remove vinyl top
    remove console possibly, I like 4 speeds without
    high backs "challenger" maybe
    Wheels /tires cragars or poverty caps, I never liked the 14 inch alum slots "forsale"
    trunk trim upper & lower
    003.JPG thumbnail.png thumbnail (1).png thumbnail (2).png thumbnail (3).png thumbnail (10).png exhaust manifolds
  2. Glad ya got it! From pics it looks like s good deal.
  3. MORE PICS! thumbnail (12).png thumbnail (13).png thumbnail (11).png
  4. Wow you did buy it, hope you are happy with your purchase. None the less, it is really a cool car. I have lust for that car.
  5. Thanks man, yeah gonna try and recreate my old ride. Hope i am happy with it too. waiting on delivery. i'm sure there will be good and bad stuff i didnt think of but its all good i think i did ok.
  6. So Finally after raising the price another $200 my car is getting picked up monday and delivered next week somtime.
  7. Today is pick up Day!
    Spoke to driver said no Worries
  8. After you get it home and see all the paper work and read it you may not want to change much.








  9. That's a really cool car.
  10. Yes I look at the car before it went on Ebay.
    Look at what came on the car day of delivery.
  11. Don’t make me guess!
    Oh you mean the mags yeah I got a leave them on now.
    Thanks for pointing that out Dave I missed that one ha ha Ha
  12. Car was picked up ok, Should be here in a few days
  13. It's a special car IMO. If it was a 383 car I'd have been a contender. I dig the color combo and the slots!
  14. Car came Finally, time to play!
    It came with some rare us mag center caps pretty cool.
    I’m Happy its very Solid body.
    I fitted the rear bumper already



  15. More pics
    I Put my son to work he put some marvel Mystery oil down the cylinder walls.
    Got some cool us mag center caps for the wheels
    And distributor & alternator
    I might need help with dropping in the distributor
    #1 on compression stroke rotor towards number 1? Sounds right?








  16. Nice! #1 tdc on compression stroke. Plunk it in and make sure wherever rotor points matches with #1 plug lead on cap!
  17. Congrats! Good luck with the car.
  18. Thanks!
  19. Thanks Dave, Going to try and start it for now. Leaving the battery back there for now.

    View attachment 1715781497

  20. Hey Guy’s,
    Can someone tell me if this is correct.
    Just plug orange box in and distributor plug?
    And Don’t need Harness that came with?
    Thanks Johnny



  21. I wouldnt, there is a diffference(for some reason) between the 2 different types of ballast resistors. Someone will chime in.
  22. OK well besides that for now I got spark I had it cranking and now I lost crank from starter it just clicks now.
    Tapped it made sure all connections are tight and cranked over by Harmonic balancer so Turns freely.
    Anyway it has headers 340 how in gods name do you get the starter out?
    It’s freaking tight.
    Took inspection cover off maybe have to loosen header?
    Need to test starter/ rebuilt it.
  23. If it's the original starter, get it out from underneath ( I think, been a while for me) and replace it with a mini starter. WAAYYY better at 1/4 the weight. Do a search on here. I think you can use a late 90's Dakota starter. Hit the wreckers, the new ones appear to be hit n miss.
  24. Thanks I know it’s huge!
  25. Finally got her out tried to clean and put back together but no luck. Time to get a replacement

  26. Nice, good luck and hang onto that original starter.
  27. I did, but it could be a rebuilt one no?
  28. Took both headers off to do the two bad freeze out plugs.
    Whew that was fun.
    Still have to get passenger side removed being stubborn and the wife called dinner. So called it quits for the night




  29. Could be, I believe there are dates and p/n on it somewhere.
  30. Guess it’s a rebuild one
    # 3755259




  31. Got the starter but decided to do the two freeze out plugs.
    One down one to go
    Nasty I know but gonna try this first.
    Anybody have a set of manifolds?
    or can I buy a set of headers that will bolt right up to the existing exhaust?








  32. Well it’s Alive!!!
    Headers back in for now.
    Fixed oil leak from oil adapter
    And she fired right up.
    Have to deal with fuel delivery next




  33. Looking good Johnny. Looks like you are having some fun !!!!!!
  34. It's waking up!
  35. 0D187A55-49AE-45E7-A776-31445E39F902.jpeg A87B06FA-B46B-403C-BFA3-49CFF5665B82.jpeg Found This was in the back seat of my Formula s can someone pinch me!
  36. I have the broadcast sheet for the 75 Duster, I wish I had the sheet for my 68 383 Formula S, interior was changed out many years ago in Georgia.
  37. So i have been having a hell of a time finding a Brake master.
    I finally purchased a 73 & up which is .094 bore orig was 1 inch pretty much exactly the same.

  38. After getting the master in I noticed my calipers were frozen.
    I Bought a rebuilt set from a member there on the way.
    After getting scammed from a guy on Facebook who said he had a set for $300 oh well live and learn.
    I tried freeing them up for days.
    Got one loose and soaking the other in diesel.
    While I was under there I did stabilizer links and shocks.
    Ordered pitman Arm and cleaned and painted center link while it was apart.
    I also changed out the rear package tray to a repop looks exactly the same REM





  39. I also ordered Rotors & pads
    And RH studs for driver side hub have to find some lugs too that match other 3 wheels or I might buy a new set.
    The drivers rear was already converted to Right hand.


  40. In the mist of all that I changed my Alternator to a one wire

  41. Got my new tires
    I bought some 14 inch bfg’s and polished the wheels as best I could.
    Cleaned up inside of wheels for weights to stick also.
    they look good for now one day I’ll get a set of cragars



  42. Took it for a ride to get gas and that’s when the New mopar performance ECM took a crap.
    Called co. And they sent a New one.



  43. While I was in there doing the freeze plugs the second time because I found a third one.
    I painted the block alittle and threw in the New carter fuel pump.
    Made new gaskets for the oil adapter and also chucked in the 1 wire.
    I don’t recommend trying to do these in the car unless you have alittle skill and lots of patience.
    I also put new header gaskets and collector gaskets in.
    Id like to get New headers or find manifolds and then New Exhaust. It still has the Orig Mufflers on it.







  44. 5AFBA549-1322-4B4E-B913-330CAB67479C.jpeg Getting brake parts together
    Waiting on calipers


  45. Thanks to Jim V
    I Now have Brakes!
    Yes the studs were pressed on!
    On a sad note having fuel issues
    I think I need a New Tank.
    So disappointed. Thought I was gonna get away without doing it.
    Feel like giving up anyone wanna take over this project?

  46. all that work to let a tank get the better of you? no, that's quitter talk. now give yourself a stern telling off and carry on :poke: :rofl:
  47. To re and re your gas tank is one of the easiest things you will do on your car. My only advice is to make sure your sending unit lock ring is good and applies adequate pressure to make a good seal. I put a little gas in my tank and tilted it back to check for leaks at the sending unit BEFORE putting it back in my car.
  48. It also stop charging now!!
  49. That could be what killed your ecm. Get FACTORY correct schematics.
    Go to mymopar.com lots of freebies there.
  50. was it charging with the 1 wire alt? what did you do to hook it up?
  51. My ecm died from natural causes, they sent a New one and it seems fine.
    well i think the cuprit was the positive cable running threw the fire wall to the trunk!
    The numskull drilled a hole and just put the cable threw i almost fried my car.
    thanks goodness for quick dissconect.
    Now i need a battery tray and a positive cable to put it back up front where it should be.
    between the new freeze out plug leak, the fuel issues. I dont know after almost frying the car id like to abort this project.
    you might find it in the classified section soon.
  52. Yes, it was and still is the positive cable was grounding out on the fire wall because of the way they ran the cable.
  53. Electrical is voodoo to me, but "natural causes" for an ecm to die? And now the alternator doesnt charge?
    These are a "system" and something may last a while and then cause issues down the road. Make sure you are documenting every single change that you are making from factory. Some real sharp elec gurus on here that can help.
    Good luck.
    Oh not being a smartass, BUT get a fire extinguisher asap to keep in car. I have one.
  54. The ecm must have just been a bad one, I have read that they are not made well lately.
    It died immediately on install & first 1/2 mile drive, So the company sent me a new one and was charging fine until the positive cable was arching,
  55. Selling the car already?
  56. If you have one freeze plug leaking, the rest are going to leak. Buying a 51 year old vehicle that you have no personal history of is invariably going to present issues of someone elses tastes and finger f##kin'. Slow down, take a breather.
  57. i'm trying, i'm trying i have no patience!
  58. Lol, usually that is what results in do overs. Ask any of us how we know.:BangHead:
  59. The positive cable on this thing is $140? best place to buy?
    I read M & H?
  60. Someone on here sells the cables, forget who. Someone may speak up.
  61. yeah i think one of the members sells them close to $175 Geez nothing is cheap lol wanna play Gotta pay
  62. That's for the negative and positive cable I believe.
  63. Get a "normal " cable for now, never mind the millionaire shit. Get it running driving reliably. Then make "upgrades". We have a rare 69 cuda and the damned thing hasnt seen the road since I bought it over 30 years ago. #'s matching bs is $$ and overrated.
  64. For that much you can buy an nos one.
  65. i wasn't going to say anything about the ones on the back of the block, but, since it's out there :poke:
    like 4spdragtop say's, just get a generic one at a parts store
  66. 13A73F63-5C4B-4E75-9460-5397D218A1DF.png 36AC8A8A-3DD2-4E60-9950-F6FEEA6D66F0.jpeg 31750987-F6FE-446C-9FC9-84D2E55EA7F2.jpeg Tank, Sender and New straps going in.
  67. Holy smokes, that is some fantastic documentation! Very special car. Dont let a few minor setbacks make you want to sell the car. We have all be frustrated just like you. Removing the headers for the second or 3rd time is super irritating but you may think about possibly pulling the engine to regasket it since you are already needing to hang new freeze plugs , especially in the back ? Make sure to coat the bore holes in PTFE sealer before you put the plugs in. I had to learn this the hard way in my powerwagon 360 but now could probably pull one of those engines in my sleep due to multiple times fixing newly installed freeze plugs.
  68. Back together again

  69. Its on its way to Cheshire CT
    Thanks Johnny


  70. It’s here love it. My small collection is complete. Lol