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Kegan B

  1. Long time, young member here in his mid 20s, currently on a ventilator with less than a 10 percent survival chance. Covid. This young man needs prayers ASAP. Trying to get as many people praying as possible.

    Hang in there @Kegan B !

  2. He has alot of people praying for him on the Neons.org page as well. Hope he fights through this!
  3. we were buddy's since he was 13 he is a fine young man , i am very saddened by this . i don't know what more to say right now .
  4. Last update I got was that he had a restful night, but still on vent in an ICU. No change.
    Kegan is way to young for this crap.
    His dad says that he was told this is one of the bad cases. If things go well, he may get home in October sometime.
    I had planned to meet up with him at Moparty. He said he had strep throat Friday, guess not.
  5. This is to sad. Get well Kegan
  6. I was looking forward to hanging out with him at MoParty again as well. This whole thing sucks bad!
  7. Strength and positive thoughts sent!
  8. I got told the same thing from his aunt last night. Praying
  9. Yep, Kegan is WAY to young to have to fight this hard. I met up with him on the old conversation site when I first joined. He was very cordial then & continued to be. I PM him occasionally to see what he was up to. I'm very sorry to hear of this. Keep up the good fight my friend.
  10. What do you all think about doing some sort of benefit auction/fundraising drive on his behalf?
    I’d have to reach out to his dad or aunt and try to figure that out if there’s interest. Which I don’t mind doing.
  11. Prayer's Sent. I hope he gets well soon.
  12. I was kinda wondering if he has health insurance. It never really came up in discussion.
    Reach out and see if they need anything, go from there.
  13. My prayers are with him!
    He seems to be very nice young man.
    I’m hoping his youth is in his favor to
    help him fight this!
  14. Holy crap.

    Get well soon!
  15. Talked to his uncle, they’re definitely gonna need some help. Both his parents have it now too. I’m gonna try and put together a plan for some sort of fundraiser as soon as possible
  16. Very good kid and young man...praying for him and his folks.
  17. Many prayers sent....hang in there buddy
  18. Damn it anyway.

    Hoping for the best.
  19. There were other threads posted about him, but they are gone after the site lost 11 days of material....lots of posts and support for him on FB as well

  20. Prayers.i know 4 people in Icu .Would like to be the one to yank the pin on these pukes whom cut this lose
  21. Prayers for a fast recovery for him and his family
  22. Kegan and his family and friends are in my thoughts and prayers. Kim
  23. Taken from his aunt at 3:41 9/9/21:
    "Update on what’s going on. Kegan Banister is still not out of the woods but they were able to flip him and his STATS stayed the same, that is a plus. Both mom and dad are positive and dad started taking the infusions today. Please continue the prayers"
    So, his parents have also tested positive for COVID as well.
  24. Up date from his aunt

  25. Prayers sent for Kegan B
    Chinese virus sucks !!!
  26. Sad news! Prayers to all affected! Keep fighting Kegan!
  27. No news yet this am.
  28. Keep it up, prayers!

  29. That’s good news even if small steps!! Keep praying for him :)
  30. Well. this sucks.
    He's a good guy and I hope and pray both him and his parents make it out okay from this nasty virus.
  31. genuflectII.jpg The beginnings of a blessing. :D:thumbsup:
  32. More strength and positive thoughts sent! You can do it Kegan!
  33. Hang in there Kegan... Good to hear that he's improving... I'm hoping that he can beat this, he's a great guy....

    Animal lover for sure...

    Kegan Fabo Kitten A01.JPG

    Kegan Fabo Kitten A03.JPG

    Kegan Fabo Kitten A04.JPG
  34. Still praying buddy keep fighting!
  35. Prayers from down under...keep strong buddy!
  36. He’s been in my prayers, and will be until I see him post that he’s back to his old Mopar luvvin self, even if it’s just love for the Neons!
  37. No change in status overnight

  38. Still prayin
  39. Get well soon Kegan. Keeping you in our thoughts.

  40. OMG!
    That was at Monster Mopar in Indy.
    I remember that day!
    That is the way I will always remember Kegan! He wasn't old enough to even drive (legally) yet.
    He's way to young to have to put up with this stuff.
    Guys I don't want to come off as preachy, I'm the last one to suggest you do something you're not comfortable with, but I also don't want to see any one else in this position.
    Go get get a shot.
  41. For the record, they tried. But due to underlying and pre-existing health concerns, the docs told them they were part of the very small percentage of the population that were advised against getting the shot(s)
  42. When he comes out of this he will be stronger than ever.
    I'm praying for him.
  43. Continuing to send prayers for this fine young man and Mopar enthusiast.
  44. Prayers for Keegan. The shot doesn’t work and yes, I’ve done my own research using sources other than MSM. I respect your opinion, but please don’t try to impress your opinion on the rest of it. Again, my prayers are with Keegan.
  45. Not surprised.
    I do know that there were some underlying health issues.
  46. I hope he comes out well . Really unfortunate.
  47. Update from this morning. Looks like his condition is improving!

  48. THanks for the update.
  49. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  50. That’s good news!
    He’s still in our prayers!

  51. Still in my prayers. Glad he’s coming around.

    the shot doesn’t work.
  52. Whether it does or doesn’t has no pertaining relation to this prayer request.
  53. Tell that to the other guy.
  54. Still sending prayers. Kim
  55. That was meant to ALL
  56. Thanks for the update, I'm happy to hear he's starting to breathe on his own. Fantastic news...
  57. Still praying
  58. Keeping Kegan in my daily prayers
  59. Keeping this young guy and his folks in our thoughts.
  60. I know @dukeboy_318 mentioned something about a fund raiser. One thing I thought of this morning, Kegan and Charlie were both planning on being at MoParty this weekend and as far as I know, they had both registered. Charlie for drag racing, Kegan for autox. Registrations are $125 each and when I registered this morning, I noticed that it said no refunds will be issued, so if we could at least raise that much (should easily be able to far exceed that) I think that’d be a great gesture.
  61. Yes. I’m putting together a list of ideas for a fundraiser. Thinking a donation driven auction. waiting to find out exactly how I can get the money to the B’s. I’ve not been able to confirm if they have a paypal addy or not. If anyone has any suggestions, pm me.
  62. This is this mornings update.
    I'm hoping Charlie's doing better, she hasn't said much about him.
    Charlie is Kegan's dad.
    The PEEP # she is referring to is a vent setting.
    Its figured by doing a lot of complicated math, and what is good for one person may not be for another.
    I was told by my daughter in law (who is a nurse and understands these thing better than I) that the general rule is that between 2 and 8 is ideal, but that is something we should be able to do without assistance of a vent, and why a vent is needed in the 1st place.
    O2 should be no lower than 90%. So he's getting there.
    I'm hoping Kegan is being restless because he's fighting this crap.

  63. Just let me know, I'm in for sure.
  64. C5184BA4-809C-45E6-9631-7B0DF602FE25.png
  65. Jeez Staph and pneumonia :BangHead:.
    Continued strength, count me in to help.
  66. Keep us all posted on a fundraiser. I'm in for "whatever" I can afford.

    Guys, let's please keep this discussion focused on Kegan and prayers and well wishes for him. We need to leave the BULLSHIT talk about whether the shot works or not for the N&P forum. Thanks.
  67. Today's update!
    Seems to be on the upswing.
    That's good news!
    Kegan's dad, Charlie, is doing a ton better. His O2 was at 95% this morning.
    Onward and upward!
  68. scruffyangel.jpg
    So my Scruffy Angels can start the wheelie contests in the hallway :thumbsup: That is good news!
  69. That’s great news. Still praying. Kim
  70. Yes he is! Keep fighting Kegan!
  71. That's great news! He's still got a long way to go, though. Still praying!
  72. Keep up the streagth and healing, may all the nurses and doctors use the wisdom given to them.

  73. Today’s update

  74. Great news.
  75. So, he is awake while intubated?
    That's rough
  76. Sounds that way. I believe I saw one post where he’s sedated mildly
  77. Forward progress!
    Today's update.
    Not certain if he's off the vent yet, but things are looking positive.

  78. Prayers sent. Very sorry he is going through this battle. Never met him but followed his scamp build and wish him and his loved ones well
  79. he already knows.....
  80. God is good!
  81. Super news!

  82. :thumbsup::thumbsup: Go Kegan!!
  83. Truly amazing!! Keep up the good work guys. Your prayers are being answered.
  84. That’s awesome. Kim
  85. Glad to hear that!
  86. Thank you God! Still praying! Keep fighting Kegan!
  87. Keep fighting Kegan, you're doing great so far.... You can do this...
  88. :thumbsup:
  89. Keep that pedal done Kegan
  90. Keep on fighting.
  91. Excellent!!
  92. I chatted with Kegan today, briefly on FB.
    He says he's still on a vent, hopes to come off tomorrow or Monday.
    Says the shit (sic) "blows ass".
    I joked with him some, his spirits are up, but the Kegan snarkyness is on hold for a second. Understandable.
    Says his mom and dad are doing better no worries there.
    great news on our man Kegan!
    I will reach out to him again later if he's feeling up to it.

  93. this makes me feel much better , tell him he is as tough as whale bone .
  94. Hang in there Kegan! Glad you're doing better. :thumbsup:
  95. Yeah, he chanced his Facebook profile picture, so he's doin better for sure. Wouldn't be surprised if he stuck his head in here.
  96. He put up a fabo hat
  97. thats great to hear

    now that hes out of the woods, can i ask something?
    during the first updates they kept mentioning his "peep"

    now that cant possibly mean what i think it means, so what does it mean?