LA Intake with Serpentine Setup


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Dec 16, 2016
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Central PA
I checked my truck and that non-AC belt is not in there any more. I must have cut it at some point to measure a different project. It was Gates brand, and was purchased for my truck before I knew the non-AC bracket was different, but the belt still fit mine with no other changes, just bypassing the AC compressor.
Thanks Bobzilla. Good timing too. FedEx (standard ground delivery) just showed up in a Uhaul truck, at 6:30 on a Sunday evening with the belt. Strange. Maybe because of the snow yesterday? Anyway, this is what I used
Belt 4.jpg

That thing put up a fight. I used a tie down strap anchored to the engine stand to hold the ratchet handle, so that the tensioner was fully rotated. Even so, there was no way it was going to slide on. I had to use another ratchet on the crank pulley to slowly turn the engine around while pushing the belt as it slowly walked onto the PS pulley. It's so tight that when I released the tie down, the tensioner didn't even move. I guess time will tell if it's okay like that, but it turns over by hand just fine.
Belt 5.jpg

It's about ready for the run stand now, just need to get a radiator and a few odds and ends. Thanks for the help everyone.