LA Motor bolts

wes beem

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Apr 16, 2017
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Howdy, having some trouble finding bolts for my spare LA 360 motor.

Im specifically looking for a timing cover/water pump bolt kit, i found one for the Magnum at Jegs, but i cant find one anywhere the lists for the 70s-92 LA ones. Anyone got a lead?

Also, i dont want the cheap stainless ebay kits...heard they're trash
I normally don’t like stainless ether, quality or not. Just give me the plain of regulator grade 8. Done deal.

If you have a caliper, like from Horrible Freight, you can get a measurement and get what you need from a hardware store. Just remember that the driver side two bottom bolts need to be very short since the #1 cylinder is right there and you could crack it tightening up the timing cover/P/S pump down there.
Unfortunately, ive found my hardware stores absolutely suck *** and often times its hard to find a bolt even to the nearest 1/2 inch