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Laptop computer help..

  1. My old laptop took a dump so I got a nice refurbished one off Ebay. Seems very nice. Came with windows 10. What are all of you using for free virus protection? Is whatever comes with windows 10 good enough or do I need something better? On my last few laptops I used Avast free version. I really liked it but I believe it made the computer very slow..not sure so im leary of downloading it again without knowing. it seemed to do great on one of my older laptops but on my last one, it acted like I was using dial up it was so slow..If whatever comes with windows 10 is good enough, I will just use it. Im guessing thats what windows defender is? Need advice. Thanks!
  2. Linux Mint 20.1.....
  3. The one that comes with windows 10 is good. Other stuff is just wasted money.
  4. are you talking about windows defender?
  5. Yep
  6. I know, right?
  7. firefox. My son the programmer says best that's for free.
  8. I'm on a old Toshiba laptop. Came with Celeron processor, Windows 7. When I first installed the free upgrade to windows 10 It ran fine but... after countless Windows updates it has gotten slower, and sloower, and slooooower. I'll deal with it until it dies.
    I look forward to a newer machine with faster processor and more ram. I think thats the only good answer. Any software we download will have minimum system requirements (of course we would want the latest version of that software). It likely would lag a machine that is close to those minimum requirements. Good luck with yours
  9. Guys we are serious. Learn to use Linux. I've used it for ?? 10 years now for day to day. This machine is "dual boot" has Windows7 which I rarely boot, only when I am forced to. Linux is free. Mint and Ubuntu are closely related and that is part of the problem---there can be too many cooks in the stew. There are several "desktops" you can use as well. I stay with one of the simpliest which resembles W98. Called Mate. So at this time my OS is Linux Mint with Mate desktop

    You can download it and burn it to a DVD which will boot and run "live." Or do the same thing---faster--on a thumb drive. You can boot and run it and get an idea of "what you are into." You can also do a search and find "screenshots" of what it will look like

    I run ZERO virus protection. Occasionally I have a glitch in the (Firefox) browser, and lately have been looking for simpler browsers. But for the most part it works

    If you don't HAVE to have the original OS on your old laptop, use the entire hard drive. Otherwise, get rid of what you don't need and resize the Winblows partition, then boot up and install Linux in the space left

    I have three "now aging" Thinkpad T520s. The cheapest one I only paid 150 for it. They came with varous, originally W7, one with w8, and one with w10, all of them had a w7 sticker This one has been upgraded with 8gb of memory and a SSD hard drive. That will REALLY speed up an old machine.