Last one to post in this thread wins!

Still need to paint it but spoiler is getting done.

Hi guys. Sure was cold this morning but sunny all day.
Went out to Wally World this afternoon.
Wasn't real busy maybe because it was cold out.
I asked the pharmacy any news about Covid shots?
She said to me quietly the food store just down the road has the Phizer and no waiting.
That's exactly what I wanted so sure enough no waiting. Both my wife and I got the shot.
I went to an eye specialist this morning. My regular Dr was away and saw a different one.
She was a young Shri Lankan girl with long straight black hair and a frame that just didn't quit.
She was gorgeous. Some lucky bastard gets to crawl up beside her at night I hope
Have a great evening
Sunny and 57* is the forecast for today. Tomorrow not so good, dropping to below freezing with a chance of snow by late afternoon. Third week of November, I will take the sun and mild stuff as long as it lasts.
It was cold and rainy today and some said they saw some flakes. I didn't, you can't with your eyes closed.
I did clean the house right through and washed all the floors as well this morning.
We have a huge Silver Maple across the road. The city came and started cutting limbs etc.
I asked the guy if it will taken down and he said that's up to the foreman. It did have 3 squirrel's nest inside the bows. All the neighbours want it down, it drops a million keys every summer and a pain in the ***.
He said that tree needs to be out in a field. I said either that or a woodstove.
Might get some sun tomorrow and I'll be happy with that.
Have a good one
Painted the chin spoiler today and stuffed it on the car. I still have a problem with my front bumper that I never liked and thinking of making a new one.