Layson's FALL/WINTER Sale!!!!


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    2014 FALL/WINTER Sale!!!!!!
    Running thru December 19th

    15% off EVERYTHING
    (Gift Certificates included!!!!)

    A GREAT way to give yourself a built in discount for ANY future order through purchasing a gift certificate. NO EXPIRATION DATE or sale cut-off date--just purchase the gift certificate prior to expiration of this special and gain an extra 15%


    *Mention redemption code to receive discount. EXCLUDES N.O.S. and USED parts, custom orders, Ebay items, and items listed on our website "Hot Deals" section.

    *Sale does NOT apply to "PAIR" or "SET" pricing since a discount has already been applied to these parts.

    *Seat upholstery, door panels, and carpets are 10% off ONLY! Other exclusions may apply. Coupon code can be used more than one time and as long as the order is placed BEFORE the coupon expiration date. YOU CAN EVEN PRE-ORDER USING THIS SALE FOR A SHIPMENT TO OCCUR IN THE FUTURE WHERE WE WILL BILL AND SHIP AT THAT DATE SPECIFIED BY YOU.

    Call 877-930-4088 or place your order online at
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