ld340 intake...mechanical temp. gauge???

Jul 11, 2010
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New York
We're getting ready to break-in my engine on a k-frame/ run stand. While wiring everything up, I noticed the Edelbrock LD340 intake only has a provision for the small (electric type) sending unit. Has any body hooked up a mechanical sending unit in a different location? Would it work/read correctly in the block. If anyone has an idea or pic, the help would be appreciated.:cheers:
I had the same issue on a factory t quad minifold, well one of the plugs was seized in it, but my dad made an aluminum block that goes where the thermostat housing goes, it acts like a spacer. And then drilled and tapped a hole for a mechanical temp gauge. The thermostat housing bolts on top it. I think that i have a pic let me look
Here ya go, they arent the best in the world, they were originally a pic of the carb but got the temp sending unit in it. From the front it is actually not that easy to see


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You can actually buy a spacer like that premade. It's not the prettiest solution since it's not a matching contour with the water neck, but I put one in and it's worked very well. Looks pretty much exactly like the pictures above. Summit sells them (look up water neck spacer I think). I got mine from Race Part Solutions. It lists as big block only on RPS, but it shows it fitting a small block on Summit's site and it works in my car fine so far. It comes with two ports though, so you may have to plug one. I put a temp switch in the other port for my electric fans.