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    I recently picked up a '90 Crown Vic LTD that had been a law enforcement vehicle most of its life; first with the FBI then with a small sheriff's office. Its former LEO owner cherished it enough that it took a first place trophy at Hershey in 2016. Suitable as a DD!
    It features a rebuilt crate 351 with 4,000 miles on it, a Holley 4 bbl and no rust, clean interior and some recent gaskets and seals replaced. It runs out fine and still has working wig wags and strobes (siren taken out, though). When I picked up, I envisioned as a safer way to still enjoy an ol' style ride, what with disc brakes, shoulder belts, head rests, etc. No immediate needs beyond sluggish power window on driver's rear side. Tiny bubble on rear passenger quarter bottom and that is it.. Unexpectedly, I am retiring somewhat earlier than I thought at age 60, so I thought I'd parlay Mr. Bevis (my name for the Vic) into a Mopar (not necessarily an A) since my driving needs are now shorter and simplified.

    What you can bring to the table: A nice, clean Mopar. Preference is for V8 but slants are fine. Number of doors immaterial. She just needs to be in cosmetically and mechanically nice as Bevis. PM if you've got a contender! Hopefully within a day's drive of Detroit. Here's some pics...





Thread Status:
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