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Look familiar?

  1. So I’m eating some pretzel chips and I turn one over and it reminds me of_________? See if it reminds you of the same thing. You would have to be older then 55 I would think.
  2. some pretzel chips? Could be wrong... I'm barely 57
  3. Hope. Besides the obvious
  4. Frogs face
  5. Owls face when it's upside down.
    Yes I enjoy my rolled gold pretzels
  6. No, maybe it’s just me. I’ll give it a little longer.
  7. This poses a question. Which side is up, when turned over.
  8. pics would help....I know what a pretzel looks like but....?
  9. Dumb ass me. I forgot the picture. Sorry.

  10. Space invader
  11. Exactly. I was wondering if anyone else seen it also.
  12. I can’t tell you the amount of time and money I spent on Pac-Man and Space Invaders when I was young.
  13. I was thinking that there was hair on your pretzel...
  14. As a kid we found a sitdown Space Invader machine that someone messed with and took dimes. Owner finally caught us and was pi$$ed lol.
  15. You guys aren't talking politics here are you. I didn't think so.
  16. I guess those kinda look like Maxine waters chips or Pelosi chips
  17. Oh, didn't see your post lol, how do I get into news & politics
  18. Look through the forums. It should be in the Off Topic forums. You have to read and agree to enter.
  19. Look like a child friendly vampire skull
  20. I think u need something to do ----------------------lol
  21. I'm only 43. But yes !