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Nov 13, 2007
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Amelia, Ohio
So im not sure if anyone has made a thread about this yet but im sure its happened to alot of us. Lets here the story about that one a body that we should have bought. For me its not really my story to tell but i was still upset. Two years ago i finally talk my dad into going to the nats...hes a big ford guy. Anyways i got him interested in darts and we found a 1968 440 Dart for sale that was in great condition and had great power. We test drove the car and my dad got serious about an offer. The very next day my dad calls and says he has the money and that we will be pack up in colombus to buy it the next day. Monday roles around and we got the money and are prepared to leave when the guy calls and said it sold for 11000.


btw it did have a black 6 pack hood on it...we just took it off to look at the motor
Not "A Body" related, but a good (heart breaking) story anyway. Back in 1989 I had a buddy call me on a Sunday morning to tell me about a car for sale that he had just by chance caught while listening to the local radio station flea market on Saturday afternoon and thought I would be interested. "1967 Caprice 2dr (I was 19 and into Old Chevy's back then), Best Offer." I called on it, talked with an elderly lady who told me that the car had belonged to her and her deceased husband and that she was raising her 14 year old grandson and that the car would not drive because he had broken something on it trying to fix it and that she was just going to let him have her car rather than let him mess with the Caprice because her grandson was not mechanically inclined. I arrived at the location and there it was.....a stunning, rust free black vinyl top over yellow and black interior 1967 Chevrolet Caprice 2dr 327 / auto w/ buckets and a console. Not exactly a rare car, but I got excited. But there was another guy that got there before me and had already bought the car........FOR $200! This guy totally took advantage of that old lady! The only thing wrong with it was that the 14 year old twisted the tranny cooling lines trying to remove the radiator because it had a leak. I made sure I told this guy (who was way bigger than me) what an a$$ he was. After that he had the ball$ to ask me if I'd help him load the car! I promptly told him where he could shove it and left.
Another story that happened to my dad but not mopar related was about 4 years ago i was at a local show with my uncle and there was a 1965 fastback mustang 289 4 speed that was in nice shape for 11 grand so we called me dad and told him about it...he got excited and called the guy and the car sold at that show to a man in a town about a half hour north of us. my dad was pretty upset but two years ago my dad was on craigslist and found a mustang to go look at so i tagged along and we got there and it was the same exact car. My dad ended up buyying the mustang for 12,000 and we did a little work on the interior and put a gt hood on it and some gt stripes and sold it last month for 25,000 and shipped it to austrilia.