[SOLD] Lower Control Arm "Spacers" Under The Rebound Bumper With 15" Wheels

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    I have this pair of Lower Control Arm "Spacers" that are used under the rebound bumpers, when the car was equipped with 15" inch wheels and tires.
    A very hard part to find, and come across in this day and age.

    And probably a little known part, unless you get into the rebuilding, of LCA's, and or a correct knowledgeable guy in restoring suspensions.

    Selling the two spacers, you don't get the rebound bumper.
    Used in the picture as reference material, only.

    $50.00 for the parts.
    I will flat rate the mailing at $7.50, anywhere in the continental USA states.

    Payment will be thru Pay Pal.
    Thank's a lot.
    Jim V.

    LCA Spacers Rebound Bumber 001 (Small).JPG

    LCA Spacers Rebound Bumber 002 (Small).JPG

    LCA Spacers Rebound Bumber 003 (Small).JPG
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