Magnum motor with Mechanical fuel pump ?


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Aug 10, 2017
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Southeast Michigan
I didn't get a new woodruff key with the cam. I bought a hardware kit for the bolts and oil dripper for the chain, that also had 2 keys in it. The one for an LA cam is a mile too long and the other one a half mile. The only woodruff keys I have found are also too long and maybe a little too tall to get the cam gear on. I can fix that easy enough, but the fit of the small, stepped key that came with the extender is what is worrying me. When you assemble it as shown in the diagram that came with it, the key doesn't go but halfway into the fuel pump eccentric. I bought some bar stock of the correct size to make a new one that goes all the way in, but it may fit better when I get the cam gear on after monkeying with the key for that. Glad to hear that some of you have had a good experience with the extender. It's probably fine and I'm just too nit-picky in my old age. I kind of miss the days when I was young and dumb and would just throw stuff together without checking anything, and it would run like a gut shot cat and last
If you make your own key, be absolutely sure it does not stick out and touch the cam sprocket washer or it will definitely come loose and cause trouble.