Manual Steering Boxes $215

Suspension, Steering and Chassis

  1. seabee

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    Dec 20, 2009
    Bonita, CA
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    3:24 AM
    I have been looking around for a manual box for a while now and happened to find these guys selling them for $215 ($100 core). I expected the worse when I called and was surprised at the professional customer service. I had even originally ordered it for Will Call pickup since they are only 30 mins away, but had to cancel and have it shipped when something came up that day. When I called them back they said they would go pick it up from will call and ship it. I expected this was going to throw a wrench in the order and add a few days to the shipping but I got the box the next business day. And their shipping was free for any order over $50! Now I may be jumping the gun here before I get my Core back, but wanted to give everyone a heads up to these guys (Meridian) located in San Diego.
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