Mastercool ac hose crimper review.

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    So I decided on an aftermarket heat, defrost, and A/C for my 66 Barracuda. Not one kit prebuilt available so fabrication it was. After many reviews and research for me I decided on the Mastercool A/C manual hose crimper. I could had gone Chinese hydraulic for the same cost but if it breaks, I can buy parts today, tomorrow or new century as Mastercool is a well respected name in the field of A/C repairs. This set came from Amazon with free ship- 2 days.

    So the first step with the crimper was to open it up and review. One crimper that could be put on the vice OR holes to bolt down to a bench for a perminate Mount. I choose the vice.
    Also is the set of dies- 2 for #6-3/8” upto #12- 3/4” hose. You supply the Wratchet with a 3/4” socket to drive the tool.

    While the hoses are payed out mark the hose to fitting to set the depth measurement so while crimping you know your deep enough and a straight line down the barrel of the fitting so you know if the hose turned. Straight fittings no issues but necessary on bent fittings.


    Now put the fitting split 1/2 way in the middle.
    Close the jaws and pop in the pin.
    Tighten down the crimper until the top jaw edge touches the scribes line on the bottom jaw side.
    Back off the jaws and pull out the crimp. It should be even, clean with a slight flair at the hose side.

    ECAA7A9F-DB15-4BE6-9C8F-923C027068E1.jpeg 9BC3EF37-A8C9-41D5-99E6-E72E030CD8AC.jpeg 5D32BA3D-A390-4FB0-8E14-3DCE3D6A2CD7.jpegView attachment 1715246438

    Review: Pro’s - crimper performed good for $150 tool. I feel it will last along time. Nice even crimps with little effort. Hoses and fitting available thru Summit Racing or Jegs thru Vintage Air or almost any online speed shop.
    Nice carry case and not a huge monster for on the road repairs if professional.

    Cons: base is loose even in vice make you feel like it will fall apart but designed that way. When you open the jaws the top insert falls out almost every time. The marker on the side of the bottom jaw is hard to see unless you market with marker or have a lot of light.

    Glad I bought it for Custom A/C and repairs in the future. C1B9E1EF-76EC-4B71-8D81-D710E858E432.jpeg

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