Might be nice deal on '64 Dart in Tucson?

South West

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    Aug 14, 2010
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    9:47 AM
    Not my car, but sounds like an interesting deal
    Looks like a decent /6 car with AC - comes with 3 small blocks and 3 transmissions and an 8 3/4 with sure grip, all for $5k:


    Selling my 64 Dodge Dart GT and 2 318 motors 1360 motor and 3 SB Trannys.
    One of the 318 motors and tranny is complete from fan to tranny. Pulled fro a 72 Dart that converted to a new gen Mopar drive train.

    The Dart is a 225 slant six auto with working AC and PS and driven daily.
    New interior in the 64. New wiring. New brakes.

    Also a new rebuild 8 3/4 sure grip 2.97 rear end with complete Right Stuff disk set up on it. E-cables and all.

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