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    Hi All,

    I thought I would post here before eBay, since the FABO site continues to be the best out there and I know that there are some die hard Direct Connection memorabilia collectors (like me) out there.

    This is a Direct Connection Hat/Lapel pin, and I have only ever seen one other one (which I recently purchased). Since I have a duplicate now, I thought I would give someone else out there a chance to own one since they are few and far between.

    This pin will come in a gift box which is suitable for wrapping if you would like to give it as a christmas gift to your die hard mopar fan loved one.

    I am not going to make any profit on this sale, I am just putting it out there for FABO members for what I paid for it.

    Price is $20 plus the ride (tracked priority mail is usually gonna cost $12 to $15 - which is pricey I know, but it is what it is).

    [Edit] Another FABO member indicated the shipping would/should be lower. The shipping estimate is just my estimate, you'll only pay the actual cost, so if it is lower, than that's what you'll pay (I'll add a receipt copy if you want).





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