Mopar "Recall Wheels" - These New Wheels Look Pretty Close...


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Nov 5, 2006
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Not my cup of tea but I know some of y'all like the looks of the "Recall Wheels"...


These new wheels from Vision Wheels look pretty close in appearance to me... Shift?finishID=3961


None of these are for 5 on 4 bolt pattern
too bad//I would be hard pressed on a decision on my quest for steelies and red lines

of coarse red lines and recalls even better
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Try et mags for 5x4 bolt patterns
Try et mags for 5x4 bolt patterns
ET only has the Classic V and Sebring wheels that can be drilled to a 5x4" bolt pattern. Checked with them today. 7/16" lug nuts are questionable.
been eyeing the 17x8's for my duster for a while now....I picked up an XJ rear for the BBP conversion, but at 60.5", it's about 2" too wide to use the 19mm offset ones and get decent sized tires in back...need to be 30+mm offset. a 92-up ford ranger rear axle width (58.5") would make them about perfect with 255" wide tires....
4.25 backspace

That's the same exact backspacing as factory 15x7 rallye and cop car rims.

@HenryWalter how close is the clearance between the tire and the front lower fender lip as shown below?:

... just wondering if a 225/60/15 is a possibility with your particular setup.

It’s close, but not rubbing..I would say the 215/60/15 is as large as you can go on the from of the barracuda.