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Mopar Mechanical Parts For Sale

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    Sep 15, 2008
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    [Edit: I have deleted what's been taken and added an alternator.]
    I've finally got around to pulling out all the things i'm never going to use. Sorry i'm listing it all in Mechanical, but it seemed the most efficient way to post and monitor.

    There are a couple of important points. First, I'm in West Los Angeles and I'm not shipping anything. I simply don't have time. You will have to pick them up if you want them. Second, it's all free. First come, first served.
    The items are all used and, except for what's noted, either from a 64 valiant 170 or a 74 Swinger 225.

    Here's the list:

    Probably useless single master cylinder (valiant)
    Bag of used oily internal engine parts like timing gear, lifters, oil pickup etc. no pistons or large parts. (swinger)
    Power steering pump (swinger) probably worked, probably leaked.
    Door handle base (probably valiant) the plastic underneath the pad, driver's side, shorter than what i have in my car now
    Leaf spring u bolts and bases (valiant)
    Throttle linkage, 1 bbl (valiant), the one that twists, from the carb to the pedal minus the actual pedal. Parts of this are new.
    Ignition coil and wiring (swinger)
    Valve stem seals, stock, basic, new, intake and exhaust. (slant)

    Defroster duct, rear with bezel (no idea what it goes to, but it is shorter than i needed for my valiant) part # 2607756
    Dipstick, short, red (probably swinger A/T)
    Alternator, (valiant) stock with jc whitney windings to boost output, also has stock windings

    Disc brake splash shields (swinger)
    Valve cover (swinger)
    Stewart-Warner speedo cable thingy, has an input and then an output offset by about an inch. Says SF and S1 and 3241 C stamped on it. Zero idea where it came from, never mind what vehicle (didn't come off anything i worked on).
    Ford Maverick brake drums, 2 small register, 2 large register. I believe at least 3 are usable if turned.
    ACDelco air filter A1133C (honda crx) new

    PM me if interested or please ask questions
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  2. flingdingo

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    Apr 26, 2017
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    I want the fan, PM sent.
  3. Bigboy 68

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    May 16, 2017
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    dude posting in the classified section you need to have pictures see Rule 5 mods we need some pictures
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