Muffler Placement


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Apr 19, 2010
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Lawrence, KS
So I was just thinking the other day, has anyone ever experimented with muffler placement and the difference it might make in sound? I know that a car sounds pretty crappy running through just pipes, especially if they are very long pipes, with no muffler, which got me thinking, does having a long amount of pipe after your muffler make a difference in sound? I know I'm going to need a new exhaust system at some point and was thinking about going with tube glasspacks for the nice compact packaging, but if I were to put them next to the driveshaft or right before the tips do you think it would make any difference in sound? I have a 71 Vette with a stock 350 that I'm running glasspacks on and tips straight off of them and it sounds pretty mean for a base smallblock. I didn't know if it might be because I run tips straight off the mufflers or not. Any thoughts?