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My car was so lonely!

  1. Howdy, folks!

    My name is Rob, I live in Las Vegas, and my car is a '63 Dart. Ok, got the necessities outta the way...

    I've had this car for two months now, wrenching away every weekend. She's rough, but getting better! Last Saturday, I drove it to her first car show, the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend. I had one of the roughest, least-amazing vehicles there, and I was baffled why so many people were photographing it, with so many beautiful rigs present-until I took a stroll. Over 900 cars there, and mine was the ONLY A-body? Ok, cars had to be '64 and older, but no other Darts/Valiant/Barracudas? Where the heck were ya? Y'all better come out next year, or I shall weep bitter tears and no amount of cheap beer will console me.
  2. Welcome,that can be common at some car shows.. You will get enough Mopar A body fixes here.
  3. welcome to the fray Rob - would cheap whiskey help?
  4. It's probably those big Googgly eye she has that attract attention! Welcome
  5. Welcome to FABO Rob!

    When you have a "real" car, you get noticed. Watch out for those "Count's Kustoms" guys!!
  6. Nice to see more mopar people in Vegas
  7. Welcome!
  8. Welcome! Cool Dart!
  9. Thanks, guys! Lotta bright people here. I am learning tons!
  10. Yeah, for a while. Until it makes me yak...
  11. Ok, I can believe the part about there was 900 cars and you have the one solitary Abody, but the beer not being able to console you I can't go for.
    I figure anybody who lives in Las Vegas on purpose MUST be drunk all the time, because that is the only way I can imagine anyone would live there.

    Now you know me. :D

  12. I was thinking thus about Arizona! Now you know me! :cheers:LOL
  13. Cool, now I don't have to feel so alone in my/our affliction. :D

    It'd mean a little more if it wasn't coming from someone that didn't live in CA though. LOL
  14. I was just in Phoenix last weekend. At the maricopa county fair.
  15. Ah that's cool.
    I avoid it like the plague. :D
  16. Being drunk 24/7 would make this city more tolerable, yep, but when I get drunk, I get the spins, and when I get the spins, I become a hurl squirrel. So, I get a little tipsy once in a while. Ah, but if I wasn't a city bus driver? I make a wonderful pot head! It saddens me to know I can pass a drug test, because there are days after driving bus all day, I so want to get toasty.
  17. it is so nice to see us all exchanging ideas and getting along so famously... :D - like bickering brothers.. :poke:
  18. ..in search of the eternal buzz... a bus driver huh - that's gotta be tough with your 420 disposition..
  19. I don't, of course, indulge. But wow. Every month or two, traffic lights, taxi drivers and the occasional passenger just rattle me. Been clean for a few years now. But when I retire? Oh yeah.
  20. Welcome to FABO from Colorado:coffee2: Nice Dart!

  21. Thanks Dave! Going to get nicer, for sure. Hey, you are just down the road from Fairplay, I think. I've been there for the Binder rendezvous a couple times.
  22. lol >>>>>>>>>>>>