need 71 duster parts

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twisted duster
Jan 24, 2008
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need the following

heater box assy with a/c

2 small bolt rallye centers cone type

steering column for manual,floor car.

bucket seats for 71, i have the 74-76 seats legendary tells me they are not the right ones.

turn signal indicators for 71 bolt in type

windshield tinted

driveshaft for 4-speed duster
I have the steering column from a 68 Dart that might work for you. It's a manual, floor shift version. I also have a driveshaft that may work. If you can give me a U-joint center to center dimension I'll check to see if the one I have is the same. 727 (same as 4-speed) and 8 3/4 rear, 68 Dart post car, small u-joint type.

Edison, NJ
My mistake. The 71's had the key in the column. Brain fade there for a while.

Yea I have a black steering coluum out of a 72' dart with key but its auto i think all u have to do is change the collar. I'm also looking for a 70' 71' duster drivers side fender located in co. Thanks Les.
I have a column from a 73 Dart sport for a floor shift console car with keys - $145 + shipping

I also have the console, shifter assemble, floor mounting brackets from same car for sale for - $400/all + shipping

Email me at if you are interested. Parts are located in Pittsburgh, PA
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