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Need some advice on a 65 Valiant Signet

  1. A friend of mine got in touch with me the other day. She has a friend that has terminal cancer and is looking to get rid of stuff. He has a 65 Valiant Signet, 273 AT, that looks pretty nice and he used to use it as a driver. He also has a 73 Javelin, which I know nothing about, other than it is a project, but is all together.

    Anyway, he wants to get rid of both cars as a package deal, so I am just looking for some advice on what issues to look for. I know this is a Mopar forum and I expect some great advice on the Valiant, but if anyone knows about Javelins, I would appreciate that too.

    Thanks in advance for any replies
  2. Well, depending on what they want for the package deal it sounds like it would be a cool project to pick up. I am only basing this on google pics of a 73 Javelin done right and the fact that where I'm at the AMCs are going for pretty penny might be worth it. I had a friend of the family years ago that had a Javelin and he pulled the original running gear out and swapped it for some stuff that had some type of aftermarket support. I would be more concerned if the trim wasn't there. I can only imagine it would be a little difficult to track that stuff down. Good luck to whatever you decide