Negative comments said about sellers in profile

You've made 200 threads in the for sale forums, but havent left feedback for anyone
Thx.... I always leave feedback, as I think it's important for the other members to have an awareness, good or bad.
Also, it a decent gesture to leave positive feedback when it's warranted and it makes me feel better about the transaction itself when I receive feedback in turn. Thx Joey for providing the site where this fellowship can take place. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
Let me try to explain simply.

All IP-Address-Chasing- Reasons aside, when one member screws over so many people for so many years that he's compelled (and PERMITTED) to create new identities rather than lay in the messy bed he's made ...

When just one of many, many threads spanning years had over 145 member replies sharing their own horror stories about the same guy ...

When the same "gladly pay you Tuesday for your intake manifold / rear end / long rams / etc., today" start to turn into a deal only for that same guy to escape all formal negative feedback opportunities by failing to follow through -- and actually COMPLETE A SALE TRANSACTION in order to fulfill the site's requirements to be able to leave such formal feedback -- prevents it from ever being typed for publication ...

... and now with Mr. James' issue in this very thread, it's only a matter of moments before this one too becomes "Closed For Further Replies" or, more often, just suddenly disappears from the site archives forever, it's beyond curious.

No one is perfect. Everyone screws up. Not every deal makes both parties delighted.

But when a practice becomes a well established pattern that can almost be counted on to conclude as so many past examples have, with the only common denominator being a sole member out of thousands, and every mention of him that isn't sunshine and rainbows disappears without a single trace, there is only one question that can arise.

Why do you protect him so much and insulate him from all appropriate scrutiny and backlash for his behavior?

Though my own experience was beyond a sale transaction, notifying Management (before the days of "Being A Karen" was even a thing) had no effect whatsoever. I got to resort to public humiliation via YouTube, a police report and the FBI. I'm happy that's all in the past where it belongs ... but it also seems readily apparent from Mr. James' posts that the very well established pattern and practice on buying and selling exhibited by the other party will continue forever. Any mention about deals gone sideways will be swept under the cyber rug after a page or two of similar stories. And saddest yet, it seems too that his behavior will be condoned by virtue of feigned ignorance that it's even happening.

You asked. There it is.
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