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New from Avondale AZ Land of 3 degrees. Warm Hot and Hot as Hell

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    Well what can I say, it's a work in progress. Bought it in Nevada about two years ago, time, space and money are always an issue. But little by little I'll get it there. It was about 80% there, just missing an engine. Floors had no rust, just a little on the bottom of the quarters and some bondo. I guess $1800 wasn't a bad price considering it's age 1965 and shape. Rolled into the garage and started the disassembly and bought a few parts along the way. I have a good running 360 magnum engine from a 96 ram 1500, an A833 4 spd from a 65 Coronet and an A body 8.75, 3.23 rear end (71 Dart), 11"x 2.5" brake assemblies. I also have a console from a 68 Barracuda and Hurst comp plus shifter. i have quite a bit more bits and pieces too. My plans are for the engine a freshened up bottom end and flat top hyper pistons 10 to 1.
    EQ stage 1 heads, 202 intake valves, Hydraulic camshaft with .525"/.540" lift and 305/312 degree advertised duration, 253/260 degrees @ .050", 110 lsa or there a bouts, roller rockers, a tunnel ram and 2 x 450 CFM Holley carbs, MSD distributor and 6AL ignition module. Out back I'm moving the springs under the frame, 8.75 Posi unit with 3.55 or 3.73 gears, 11" x 2.5" drum breaks, CalTracs bars, 8 x 15 steel rims and 275/60/15 tires. (obviously there will be some wheel well mods too) Up front a complete front end rebuild, 11" disc brakes, Torque Thrust D wheels NS 195/60/15 tires. (possibly rack and pinion steering if I can make it work right) Colors: Medium dark blue and mango orange, with silver highlights. exterior I'm looking for that street rod gasser style, interior: will need to be completely redone, will be blue and orange to flow with the body, but basically stock except for the console (got to have cup holders ya know) and possibly electric windows and of course AC. There will be some tweaks along the way as I decide but there you go. Hope to learn a lot from the masters on this site and share a little of my own mastery along the way. Glad to be here with all of you, hope to make some lasting on line friends. Thanks for allowing me to be here.
  2. :welcome: aboard!
  3. Don't run outside...you'll only burst into flames!

    and welcome from Colorado! :welcome:
  4. Welcome, I see an air conditioner!
  5. Yes I installed that about a year ago, it was a work anniversary gift chosen from a catalog. Somewhat effective, good for about 85'.
  6. Welcome from Avon........Minnesota
  7. Welcome from North Dakota looks like we could swap some cold here for some heat there. lol
    Looks like you got it all planed out so hope to see work in progress real soon, but for now beer in the fridge make yourself at home....
  8. Welcome from :canada:
  9. Welcome from Kentucky! :welcome: