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New from Oakley CA

  1. Hello, I just picked up a 1970 Dart Swinger last week and happened upon these forums yesterday. I'm looking forward to this project! It needs a roof skin badly. Whoever removed the original vinyl top attempted to fiber glass over the roof (did a horrible job at that) and tried to call it good. If anyone here has a roof skin I can buy and come pick up I'd be more than willing to drive for one.





  2. :welcome: aboard!
  3. Thanks!
  4. :welcome: from just down the road. Cool project!
  5. Thank you!
  6. Welcome to FABO, from the Land of Lincoln. 70 Swinger cool car....I got one also.
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    @Shivers_11 Welcome from NJ!

    Post a wanted ad in the right section to find your new roof skin. Good luck!
  8. Thanks! I'm really excited for this one, been wanting one of these for quite some time now. Is yours done?
  9. Thank you for the welcoming! I posted in the wanted section for a roof skin just a couple hours ago so hopefully I can get one!
  10. Yes, did body and paint a few years back, now its time for front end or engine this coming winter. They are fun project cars...

  11. Nice project! And welcome to the site!
  12. Wow! Looks awesome!