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New job in Lawton OK

  1. Back to work on Helicopters after almost a year mowing grass. In Lawton OK, any members about?
  2. congrats. just no. of Tulsa here. welcome to the tollroad state w/ the worst roads in the nation !-----bob
  3. The last time I was in Lawton OK was 1989. I was stationed at Ft.Sill and was tickled to death to get the hell out of there.
    Friend of mine, Will, retired at Ft.Sill and stayed in Lawton. He says it's no different than any other town outside of an Army post gates. So, I doubt much has changed, there was an awful lot of places that seemed to prey on or cater to soldiers.
    Will says that there are a couple of Indian Casinos and several other nice places. He says that there are a lot of decent areas, but like everyplace else, there are some high crime areas.
  4. that`s everywhere.
  5. Was in Ft. Sill in 1972 for training. Share you thoughts about the departure!
  6. Congratulations! Maybe another Dart can get in the Street Outlaws crew.
  7. Lived there for a lot of years. Went to HS there (hence my lack of education!)... Mom, brother and sister still live there. I'm there several times a year. The town is what you make of it! Can be OK, can suck...
  8. My thoughts?
    It took forever to clear post. The place is so damn big and at the time nothing was centrally located. I'm pretty sure I put 30 miles a day on my car and didn't leave post.
    I lived in barracks, so that was easy to leave, but trying to clear CIF was damn near impossible as I recall. I think they saw I had about 12 days to clear and decided that I was going to wait until 20 mins before my ride to the airport came.
    In 1972 the 6000 area wasn't what it is now, that whole area is massive and spread out.
  9. Thanks for all the info. Car still sitting at home in Arkansas, yes the roads are not the best here. Since on a half an hour call in most of the time because of medevac bird, can not travel to far. Was also seeing if anyone in area needed a little help on a project since after the morning daily checks am mostly free, other than on call.
  10. I've driven through OK. a number of times on my way to or from AZ , didn't think the roads were too bad. If you want to see bad roads, drive through some of the Northern states like Mich or Ill or PA the roads are WAY worse, and some are toll roads. And one that really surprised me, going across LA on I-10, couldn't believe how bumpy it was.
  11. My old R4 Red '70 RoadRunner 4-spd bench seat car was still running around Lawton last time I spoke with the guy I sold it to.

    Should've never sold that car......
  12. Do you recall the name of the guy who bought it?
  13. Yes, I do remember his name, but I don't think I should post it on the forum.