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New member from Long Island Ny

  1. New to forum and just got back into the Mopar game after being out of it for 20 years. Bought a Scamp some of you may have seen before. Just arrived today from Minnesota.





  2. Welcome aboard. good looking scamp
  3. Welcome aboard, neighbor!
    Nice ride!!
  4. Welcome from
    Sharp looking ride!
  5. Welcome, be extra nice to Grimace
  6. Nice! Welcome from metro-Detroit!
  7. I will be taking extra good care of Grimace. A 73 Dart with a slant 6 was the first car i bought with my own money when I was 17. I've been trying to get back into one for a long time but it never seemed to work out. Either I had no money or there were none available that gave me that vibe. When I first saw the ad here I just got that feeling that I found my car.
  8. Nice! Looks like it's right at home with all the snow on it, lol. Welcome aboard from Minnesota. Steve
  9. Welcome back to FABO. like you, I was away from Mopar cars for many years. Came back about 10 years ago.

    Good looking Scamp!!
  10. Welcome and yes some of us know your car and will miss it at car shows this year.
    Well unless you bring it to some shows this way.
  11. Congratulations on your purchase, I think you're going to have some fun.
  12. Beautiful ride ,best of luck.
    Hope to see you around with it.
  13. Greetings from Texas.
  14. Welcome to the FABO Family. Nice looking Scamp I am sure it will give you years of motoring enjoyment.
  15. Welcome back aboard the mopar train, congratulations on the Scamp , a dandy for sure
  16. I'm right on the border of Nassau and Suffolk in Lindenhurst
  17. :welcome: aboard!
  18. Welcome aboard and yes many of us recognize Grimace (your new car) I am guessing the no account, sail boat slacker, previous owner did not give you full disclosure on the car. As a direct result of having her parked in your drive you must maintain tradition and invite this band of merry reprobates to your house for the annual BBQ on your back deck at local car show...... you do have one don’t you? Given your locale, the commute for most of us will suck. Looks like you will have to find your own closer group of no account, burger eating, beer swilling opinionated old farts in your own area. Super congrats on car, she is a beauty and has been well cared for.
  19. LMAO, I’ll be in the area for the super bowl. Nice! I was down in the Venice many years back.

    Oh,,, Welcome Aboard!!!!!
  20. X2 I’ve lived at numerous locations in Lindenhurst. Catskill Ave, North Putnam Ave and Bendix Place.
  21. I'm not opposed to smoking some meats and drinking some beer or bourbon with you guys. The uber ride my be a killer though. I'm one of the smart people who bought south of Montauk highway after Sandy lol. So far I've been lucky but I have an escape plan for my cars if another storm heads my way.
  22. Here is your official welcome from me! Enjoy the car and have some fun with it!!!! Psst, that little button on the shifter ads some fun to the neighborhood!
  23. I was wondering what that was. Thanks for reminding me to ask lol. So what's that button on the shifter?
  24. tenor.gif
  25. Ha! I should have my ex wife take it for a spin and hit that button
  26. Well, in a worst case.... you can bring it here since I have plenty of parking room that I’ll never worry about another Sandy. My elevation on the backbone of the island has me feeling pretty good about this.
  27. Sandy,,,I don’t recommend it. 9DEAA2F3-9A7C-472F-A74C-2B37EB177A50.jpeg
  28. Yeah the house is up fairly high. Water never made it to the living space only the basement. I'm only one block south of Montauk so fingers crossed i should be okay. Thanks for the offer! Hopefully it doesn't get to that point.
  29. This will keep Grimace nice and dry B2B9F2E9-7431-43ED-ACBD-2F1F7BFD2F84.png
  30. Hahaha, I hope you dont change the name now.. Everyone knows the cars name and it might have an identity crisis if you do..
  31. I didn't plan on it lol.
  32. :lol:Totally kidding!
  33. How can I change the name now? That would be like an actor or actress changing their name after they are famous. Only person I know that worked for was Muhammad Ali lol. That lift would be awesome I will own that one one day. Need to figure out how to have it lift into my living room though so I can sit in the car and watch tv
  34. I here ya I go out in the garage and sit in my car and crank up some good music and just vegetate.
  35. You go Fred! I saw a cup holder thread the other day and thought of your righteous hand built console!
  36. Ya need to come up and try it out and a few bottles of new stuff.
  37. I'm sitting in the garage now. Just unloaded some parts and am wondering how I'm going to wash and wax it in these freezing temps. Oh and with a bourbon in hand

  38. If you were a bit closer you could use my garage it's heated and would enjoy helping on detailing I like that part and the Bourbon as well. lol
  39. I don't have anything spectacular bourbon wise. Had to sell the pappy to fund the car lol. Just the lowly Makers. Granted that's my go to.
  40. Nothing wrong with that I like good Bourbon, Makers I like but I drink the cheaper stuff.
    I built my Scamp one piece at a time and almost done but I am not rich just a poor man with an expensive habit.
    You my friend have a nice car and looks like it went to a good home.
  41. I will treat it like another child. I was kidding about the pappy lol.
  42. Traded all my kids in for my Scamp. lol
  43. Step 1. Have another bourbon, continue enjoying the view.
    Step 2. Repeat as necessary until warmer weather comes.
    Step 3. Gather all necessary cleaning supplies, pour a bourbon, enjoy some "quality time" with your new arrival.
  44. JackI
    I think you are going to fit in just fine! This crowd does like a nice bourbon. I hope to be sampling this on Saturday.

  45. Let me know when you start it the first time I'll do a toast with ya....
  46. Don't tell the authorities but I couldn't stand to see it in the garage all filthy. So I threw some plates on it and drove 3 blocks to the car wash. I better get used to talking to about it.

  47. Shit JackIron I'd do the same and probably do a burn out on the way.
    Mine has been in the garage since October and I'm biting the bullet trying to keep it in there and not driving it. I keep doing new things to it and like you a drink and sit in the garage just looking at it.
    Thank God I'm not married or my ass would be grass. lol
  48. I got on it a few times with my son in the car. Needless to say I may be able to finally sell my 77 f250 that he loved more then anything. He refused to let me even talk about getting rid of it


  49. Just restored one for a guy but looks like yours is in real nice shape compared to the one I fixed
  50. Thanks, the previous caretaker did a spectacular job.
  51. Nice ride hope to see ya around
  52. Staten island! Welcome