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Feb 22, 2013
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Deer Park TX
Hi everyone, my name is Dale I just purchased a 72 Dart Swinger with a rebuilt 318 and a 360 long block rebuilt. Is there anyone who can help me with finding someone to do the body work local. The body is not in bad condition just under the vinyl top. I will post pics later. Thank you

Deer Park TX
Welcome Moto, to the finest site on the web!! Congrats on the Dart, and I'd be more than happy to help if I knew what state Deer Park was in!! I'm in Michigan if you're near here I can certainly put you onto some great body men!! Geof
With a 77 i,m thinking deer park tx. Next to Stinkadena,I mean Pasadena .Howdy from Rosenberg
im thinking Deer Park Washington!!! if so welcome i am alsow a washington native!! and if its not in WA still welcome....lot of great people on here..helped me through alot of questions and concerns with my build