New muscle for Jrs Dart !


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May 31, 2004
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Balt. Md. USA
Yes the Eddy heads and the solid valvetrain parts got here the other day. We have the 383 ready to come of of Jrs Dart and have a nice .030 400 (406) with KB pistons and the MP .557 cam shortblock all done. It will get the Eddy heads and we will upgrade the convertor to a Dynamic 9.5 4200 unit. I really like this combo as my brother ran 10.90's with iron 915 heads in his Duster with this combo. But his car was lighter and used more gear. But we have Eddy heads !! I think this should put the 3.91 geared Dart in mid 11's with no trouble. I was actually going to use that 400 in my 63 but it is now getting a .030 440 that I have just started on. We hope to have the Dart ready by April and my 63 a few months after that. :) Ron