New wing and wheels on the dart (flame suit on)


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Aug 23, 2007
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I always hated the way the rear of my dart looked. I am not onw to put a wing on something unless it needs it but my dart I never liked the back. So i put a race wing and some new wheels.
before paint

after paint

after paint wheel and wing and new 787hp motor


BADA$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the paint scheme! I am glad I seen your pics, I was wondering how my Valiant would look with silver top and Blue sides! I love it! That car looks MEAN! Should intimidate a few people at the track prior to racing!
i saw the before paint picture and couldn't see a wing
then i scroll down...

SWEET BABY JESUS! (yes i blurted that out loud)

that is one MEAN looking Dart!

Congrats on having such a mean lookin SOB!
Sweet. The only thing I see missing is wheelie bars, then your car would look complete, IMO.
Badass ride none the less!
i initally thought "you sick puppy" thinking i was going to see a wing like the drift cars use, thank #$%^ i didnt see that, not only looks good but functional too.
but where did you get them? That is cool!!!!!!!!!!
For a true add to a Dart, that is above the norm by far!
but where did you get them? That is cool!!!!!!!!!!
For a true add to a Dart, that is above the norm by far!
ed quay race cars and it fit perfect out of the box no triming.
Where's the parachute? 05-27-2008 01:23 PM
Ram charger beat me to it the first thing i thought was "needs a couple chutes under it" . That thing looks badass!
Like the wheels too !
67 gtx...I'm usually not much on flames but, I have to admit, your stripe, now THAT is cool!!!
Great looking car!!! What size et street radials do you have on them? I'm running the sportsman pros right now 29x15.50's thinking of going with the et 325's. Thanks
I have to admit that when I saw the title my first thought was "Crap. Somebody bolted on one of those stupid aluminum ironing board spoilers". Imagine my pleasant surprise to see a well-executed, functional piece that works with the lines of the car. Nicely done! 8)