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no, no, NO! CL Definitely not mine.

  1. interior and body look very nice

    i wonder if the front is sitting on coil overs?
  2. That’s Florida for you.

    Most of the car looks pretty good, damn shame. Looks like they tried to weld in some kind of Chevy subframe up front. That’s a suspension and frame rail disaster.
  3. Who knows how far this butchery went
    Looks like it.
  4. The first few pictures had me thinking. Imagine my disappointment after that, and reading the ad. Why? Imagine what they could get if it was original. Wonder if someone could get him to go low enough to save it?
  5. I just threw up!!
  6. Yeah the 350 isn't the worst of it. If it was just a new set of engine mounts on the K frame it would be one thing. But these two pictures give it away. The frame rails have been sectioned and part of a Chevy front clip has been welded to what's left of the existing frame rails. You can see in the first picture where they did the section, as well as the Chevy steering box. The second one shows the Chevy UCA.

    You'd need to repair, or more likely replace, the front frame rails as well as get a new K frame to start to save this poor thing. And yeah, who knows what the crossmember and other frame members look like. It's fixable for sure, but it'll take someone with some welding and fabrication skills for sure. Hard to say about the price, being a '70 and considering what people pay for rust buckets you might be able to make it worth while if the rest of the car is solid.
  7. Yep. The uca pics, no k member or strut rods, cheby steering box. That's where I bailed.
    Man if someone had a spare car with a trashed rear.....
    6500 ain't happening.
  8. At least the engine bay is painted black to go with the Chevy theme under the hood......

    Hot rodding is hot rodding, but someone ruined that car. Maybe the previous owner thought it was a Nova. LMAO
  9. This is in my neck of the woods !. More than I would want to pay. But with that 350 in there it's got to be worth at least 12 G
  10. Ha! Wonder if he'd go down to a grand? :realcrazy:
  11. look it up, id love to see how it actually connects...and what rear end it has
  12. Pretty close to me. I may make him a silly offer. I’m sure it will need front frame rails to undo the carnage.
  13. That price tho! 6500 for a chopped up a body! It may be worth that If it was all orginal. The prices on these cars are skyrocketing. I saw one the other day in about the same condition as mine when I started it ROUGH!!! for 5000 I cant even laugh about that that's just sickening
  14. "I started restoring it". How do you restore something that never existed?
  15. So....just to understand. ...
    GM transmission in a Mopar - ok
    Ford rear end in a Mopar - ok
    GM engine in a Mopar - not ok.

    Glad everyone has layed out the rules.
  16. Or Honda and Toyota. :rofl::thumbsup: