Original Super Stock HEMI Dart LO23


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May 22, 2004
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rear of blk hemi dart.jpg

red light bandit.jpg

T H T hemi dart.jpg


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Mar 17, 2005
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I picked up the official authenticity guide to the 68 hemi dart and the 68 hemi barracuda on amazon.com and it is the very best book I have ever seen on these cars. It has every spec for building or identifying these cars. There is so much information in this book it will blow your mind. Every question you could have can be answered reading this book. Probably the best $20 I have ever spent for the wealth of knowledge this book has to offer. I would highly recommend this book and I have to a few people. The best thing about it is if you don't feel this is not the best book of knowledge, you can always return it, but I am willing to bet that you will keep this book in your Mopar library for many years to come. I do not believe you will return it but keep it at arms length always just for the knowledge.


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Oct 20, 2014
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Dug these up of an original Landy Hemi Dart I saw in Portland Oregon in July 1992. It sounded WICKED‼️


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Nov 30, 2013
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Originally Posted by Paul Ceasrine View attachment 1714984137
The LO23 list starting from the northeast and following.
'13' of the LO23 Hemi Darts went through Grand Spaulding Dodge in Chicago

13) Jones Colonial Dodge
Pittsford, New York
SS/BA (Automatic)

Number 13 on the list is the Chuck Comella Dart, also shown in abodyjoe's #48 post. Chuck bought it off the lot with a hurt engine, and negotiated the warranty repair off the price of the car, and financed it through Chrysler Credit. He then went through the engine himself before taking it racing.
Chuck still owns the Dart, but has given the driving over to his son Steve, who was born several years after the Dart was built. They run the Dart in SS Eliminator, and run a Barracuda in Hemi shootout and challenges. The Barracuda is not a BO29 car, and runs a stick for the 70 pound weight break.
After semi-retirement from racing, the Comellas are pretty active, running several events. In 2017, they lost in the semifinal at the Summernationals at Englishtown when Steve spun the tires, but they won at the IHRA Empire Nationals in August. They also won the Hemi Challenge at the Dutch Classic at Maple Grove just last month, albeit in the Barracuda.
Is this the last original owner LO23 or BO29 car being actively raced?

South Butler, NY Jackson's Dragway 1969.jpg

South Butler, NY Jackson's Dragway, circa 1969. From Chuck's collection.

Comella Racing Indy 1971..jpg

Indy 1971. Chuck with the sprayer. From Chuck's collection.

Indy 1990.jpg

Indy 1990. Chuck in the middle, from his collection.

IHRA Empire Nationals Leceister NY 19 Aug 2017.jpg

2017 Empire Nationals. Steve in the white T-shirt, Chuck in the Black.

2017 dutch hemi challange.jpg

2017 Dutch Classic Hemi Challenge.

Chuck and Steve..jpg

Chuck and Steve
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