[FOR SALE] Parking Brake Levers & Struts for The 11" Inch Rear Brakes.

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    These are a set of parking brake levers and struts for 11 inch rear Drum Brakes, that are used on cars, trucks, vans, during the mid, and later 1970's, and well into the 1980's, and 1990's.

    The levers are the "hook type" design that install into a little slot in the brake shoe itself.

    Can be used on any 1960's and 1970's vehicle by just using the later brake shoes.

    These parts were just removed from a 79 St. Regis ex cop car, donor vehicle, so i am fully aware what they came off of, and what they fit.

    Levers & struts can be used on any 2", 2 1/2", 3", width brake shoes.

    $40.00 for the parts, $9.00 for the mailman + Pay Pal

    Send me a pm, and i will send you my e mail address, for payment.

    Thank's a lot.
    Jim V.

    Parking Brake Levers & Struts 001 (Small).JPG

    Parking Brake Levers & Struts 002 (Small).JPG

    Parking Brake Levers & Struts 003 (Small).JPG
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