[FOR SALE] Parting out 69 Barracuda Formula S car

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No it didn't. I still have to take parts off yet. probably will be a few weeks yet. I don't remember the wheel being especially nice. It was of average condition for something 45 years old.
Just picked up my latest parts car yesturday. I have no room for it so it's at a friends house and I'm not going to get to most parts until spring. Easy stuff maybe in the next couple of weeks. No sheetmetal as it is completely rotted out. Pretty complete car except the gauge cluster is gone and all Formula S emblems gone also. I see the 2 holes are where they used to be but gone now. It is a 69 Barracuda fastback Formula S car 340, 4 speed, 8 3/4 sure grip car. I bought it for the driveline. Don't know exactly how much I'm keeping. A member here has first dibs on grilles already. You can PM me with needs but please answer in this ad first so people and I can keep track of where you are in line. What's going to be available: rear window trim, windshield trim, bucket seats with tracks and headrests, floor shift manual steering column, manual steering box, trunk panel, 4 speed pedals, taillights, rally steering wheel, 340 hipo exhaust manifolds, unscilenced air cleaner, 340 intake manifold, 340 valve covers, bumper jack, maybe the 8 3/4 rear (depending on the gear set in it, if it's a 3:55 or 3:91 I'm keeping it, anything else I'm probably selling it. I already have a 3:23 set). Also may sell 4 speed, shifter (non console), and linkages. Lots of small stuff also available. I also have lots of 67 and 68 Barracuda stuff, feel free to ask about it. Remember I am going to go by when people post in this ad not when PM's were recieved. I don't want to have to go back and forth trying to figure out who is first. It is easy to miss somebody. Just missed one recently and already had a done deal with some body that was second. Trying to keep that from happening again. Thank you, Woody.
Woody I'm trying again to contact you on the manual steering box. Is it still available? Please contact me, Randy Marcom via PM anytime.
Komet440 you are 3rd in line on the manual steering box. It will be a few weeks before I get to the car to strip it.
shawndao you are also 3rd in line and it will be a while before I get to stripping the car. I will let everyone know when I get to taking the car apart. Thanks.
I will get back to you guys soon. Swamped right now. This damned 40 hour a week job is getting in the way of my part time parts hobby. Be patient. Thanks.
PM sent. Interested in the heater box if available.

Pa karp (Curt Rees)
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