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Apr 25, 2007
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Ok so I need to buy some mufflers for my exhaust this wk.. help me decide. I want a deep exhaust note, throaty! Not pinging, or raspy. I have a Hemi Gen 3 with a super charger, using TTI 2" primary headers , with TTI 3" X pipe exhaust.. looking for some mufflers... I have my eye on dynomax ulta flows, and the borlas.. what are ur thoughts?
Have you heard of Spintech Mufflers? Thinking of going with them for my build. Youtube has a few videos. Good luck
Hard to tell in the youtube videos I watched, but it sounds a little raspy.. or it could just be my crappy laptop? Again a deep exhaust note is a must for me.
I went from the Summitt turbo's to Dynomax VT's. Man what a difference. With 4.10's running down the highway you couldn't hear yourself. Before Drone Drone Drone etc
Dynomax VT's are very nice, same as their bullet mufflers! Spintech makes awesome stuff, so does magnaflow. Since you're trying to stay away from raspy and pingy, i would steer away from flowmaster's. My bro has magnaflows on his paxton SRTjeep and dang, they sound loud hell when he's on it, but you could still carry on a conversation on the inside best of both worlds!
so u guys like magna flows, dynomax VT's, and spin tech's? what about the borlas? Out of these which is the deepest sounding?
I'm just hangin' around for your ....pick my wife thread...with pictures!
I'm just hangin' around for your ....pick my wife thread...with pictures!

lol.. i'm just amusing myself with these threads... I had a Grande Vanilla Late' at 7pm this evening!

So Borlas are nice?
I was hoping you would enjoy a chuckle....be fun to hang around you guys...i could probably learn a thing or two

Mopar to ya'
I replaced my Flowaster rattle dronathons with Borlas Pro Xs. They definitely fill the bill for the deep exhaust note. I've got 2-1/2 with an x-pipe all the way out the back and I like the sound better than anything else I've heard so far. I think they have the deepest note of any. I've got the car torn apart right now or I'd video you a sound sample.
A friend has a Mustang that had Borlas on it when he got it. He has spent a fortune on muffler changes trying to find the "coolest sound". He must have had ten different mufflers sets on it in two years. He's currently back to the original Borlas and believes they are the ones he's staying with. The only others (in my opinion) that had close to a similar depth of tone were some Hooker mufflers, maybe the Aerochambers, not sure. I decided on the Borlas to replace my Flowmasters after hearing about 8 or 9 of his trys at improving what he started with. His Borlas have a bit of a rasp in higher RPM but I don't notice that in my car. I got my Borlas from a website called Wicked Nickys for a good price.
It's been too long for me to be sure, but years ago my dad and I built a 69 Charger with a 440 for my brother and I'm pretty sure the exhaust shop put Magnaflows on it. They were okay sounding, didn't quite have the real deep rumble. The main thing we didn't like about them is when you wound it up it sounded like they just couldn't handle the flow. My dad compared it to blowing on a trumpet too hard, it didn't keep the tone all the way through the rpm range. They sounded nice at idle, good and mellow, but sort of "whooshy" when wound up. Then again that was also on a big block, so it might be a bit of an apples to oranges comparison.
Got a smoking deal on some 3" Borla's 1/2 price from my buddy!
I want to checkoout SLPLoudamouths one of my guys had a full slp system on his 06 gtoit was sick thecar sounds plain mean but you could here it at lets 4 blocks away
Cherry Bomb Vortex! Nice mufflers....got a good deep mellow tone to them. Love 'em on my Duster.