Power Steering Box and Pump

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Apr 19, 2010
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Up for sale is a power steering box and pump combo I pulled from my 67 Dart. I just finished swapping a 5.7 into the car and had to convert to manual steering, so the old box and pump can go. It ran well when it was in the car with nice light steering, but could probably stand a new seal or two. It never made a puddle under the car, but it did look like some fluid was seeping out of the input shaft looking at it. The pitman arm is a 67-72 style and comes with the box and the pump comes with the bracket as well. Asking $75 plus shipping from 66049 for the whole setup.


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I didn't think the pitman arm was. I know the idler arm is because it has the stud mount, but I thought the pitman arms were all the same from 67-72, at least Mancini lists them as being the same.
Yeah, you may be right. It may be the idler that is different. I'm getting old, brain not remembering like it used to...
Here are some pictures of the pump. I grabbed it off the engine before I sold it, but I kept the brackets (smallblock).


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I don't need the gear... how much for the pump with all the brackets attached?
I'm looking for the return hose nipple off the end of the power steering control valve. I can't tell from the picture what type yours has because it looks like duct tape on the nipple. The one I need is for 5/8" return hose. Should be much easier to ship than the whole steering gear. I could even trade you mine if you want a complete pump to sell to somebody else.

Here's a pic of what I need.
Still have these sitting around if someone would like to make an offer. Would make a great Christmas present for the Mopar person in your life!
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