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Prayers for my folks. Car wreck in dads 29 model A

  1. My mom and dad took their 29 model A for a drive this past sunday, and some dipshit blew a stop sign and hit them. The car ended up on its side, my dad landed on top of mom, and basically crushed her. Both of em in the hospital. Mom got it the worst. 2 broken ribs, broken clavicle, broken arm. They get discharged wednesday. My 2 brothers and I have to provide round the clock in home care for at least the next 6-9 weeks. If work approves, I fly home on saturday to be there 7 days. We are going to have to tag team this. Hoping my mom and dad mend quickly. Guys be careful out there with your pride and joy. Theres always some dipshit asshats that dont pay any effing attention.






  2. Shit!

    That is sad! Our prayers are with your family!
  3. Best wishes.
  4. Prayers sent for a speedy recovery. Sorry to hear.
  5. I sure do hate that. Prayers for a speedy recovery. Hopefully the car can be saved!
  6. Oh man that’s too bad. Sorry to hear. Hoping for a speedy recovery.
  7. That's up to the insurance company I guess. He had collector car insurance of an agreed value. Hopefully they have a specialty shop or shops in mind that can fix this.
  8. Oh man, thats rough

    How old are your folks?

    Hey, im sure you're head isn't set on dealing with the insurance right now, and I don't know the laws over there...but i can see some sleezebag lawyer try to make the point that that car was not road worthy and his client shouldn't have to pay a dime

    Make sure you get ahead of that, and grab a lawyer of your own if need be
  9. Old cars do have value but your folks are price less, glad you can be there for them!
  10. Mom is 80, dad is 82. So this has put a hurt on em. Doesnt matter what his lawyer says. Car was inspected, before put on the road. Was insured with a collector car policy. It has an agreed to value policy on it.
  11. This is terrible news!! Glad your folks are still alive and hopefully can fully recover.
  12. So sorry to hear about your folks, wishing them a full and speedy recovery, look after them well.
  13. Hoping for a speedy and full recovery.
  14. That is not the type of car to have an accident in. Sorry to hear of this.
  15. Thats quite an age

    I wouldn't worry too much about the insurance on the car, that part sounds taken care of

    I was more worried about the hospital bills and all
  16. Your parents are just a skosh younger than mine, and that’s a damn nasty crash. Was the idiot drunk, on dope, stupid a mix of those or all of them?

    You know as you get older, healing time increases.

    You and your siblings need to get a plan so that you guys don’t get overwhelmed.

    Bravo to you guys for taking care of your parents. Sadly, I know people that wouldn’t do that, and that’s sickening.
  17. Sorry for their injuries, hope for full recovery. You and family are great for helping them.
  18. More concerned for your parents! They are younger than mine and cannot imagine if they went through this! The car is of no consequence.
  19. Dad seems if good spirits, had some choice words tht he wants to say to that guy. Mom is on pain meds making her loopy. Us Tag teaming the situation allows a day to catch up with either of them since I live 2,000 miles away. I think my folks will mend faster with one of us there than a total stranger.
  20. That’s too bad, glad they are doing ok, could have been way worse. And that poor car, what a shame....hope they both heal fast and your dad gets fair value on his car, that’s tough to get your classic taken out like that
  21. Sorry to hear ...I wish them a speedy recovery.
  22. God's grace and mercy upon them, our prayers with you and yours.
  23. Shocking but good to see parents are on the mend. Always some a-hole right around the corner no matter where you go. I can't drive three minutes without someone passing me doing twice the speed limit.
  24. All my best wishes for a speedy recovery!!!
  25. Sorry man.
    I pray for speedy recovery and complete healing.
  26. Glad your folks are still alive
  27. Hopefully the dipshit has good insurance !
  28. Prayers sent. You are right. And they usually don't have insurance.
  29. If work approves? I'd be calling them from the airport. Prayers for your parents and your family.
  30. Slantflat,

    My folks are busted up from this, but nothing life threatening. My older brother is there and will take care of things till saturday afternoon. They dont get released till wednesday. Then I take over for a week. If it was life threatening I would be out there in a N.Y. minute. I have to be smart about this. Not going to use limited vacation time i have if they are not at the house for me to help them, doing that helps nobody. This saturday starts my week. I get relieved next saturday so I can return rental car and return home sunday, 2 weeks later rinse and repeat, until they are well enough to be self sufficient. As far as work approving, I never had them say no to something that was an issue like this. Still have to go through the formalities. I been with the company 26 years. I retire in 10. Got flight benefits and steep rental car discounts, I will follow protocol. I really dont want to eff that up.
  31. Man, that sucks. Prayers for your whole family as you orchestrate helping them out. I have become a very defensive driver the past few years because of the inattentive people I see driving.
  32. I sure am sorry to hear this Matt. Sending prayers for your folks speedy recovery.
  33. Wishing the Best for your Parent's, Matt. Sorry to see this. Prayers sent.
  34. All the best Matt. Hope Mom and Dad are up and around in no time.
  35. Your folks can rest comfortably knowing that they are in the thoughts and prayers of many of their fellow car enthusiasts.
    I hope they prosecute the idiot that hit them.
  36. Prayers for strength, healing and a good recovery for your parents.
    Your Arkansas friend.
  37. Thank goodness they're still alive! Prayers go out to your parents for a speedy recovery!!!
  38. Strength and positive thoughts Matt. When I 1st read accident "in a 29", I was like "uh oh"!
    You got 2 tough geezers there!
    Take the young lad with you and within a week with your skill set you will have Mom n Pops wheels fixed.
  39. Sorry to hear bud, that`s an effed up situation.
  40. Saying prayers for your folks to heal up well.
  41. that stinks!, glad they are doing ok and are on the mend.
  42. Very sorry to hear this prayers for a speedy recovery
  43. Hate to hear such bad news, but we know it could have been much worse. Prayers for a speedy recovery.
  44. WTH?

    How do you;

    A- not notice that and

    B- not give a wide berth for something that old
  45. Glad Mom and Dad survived that looked rough.
  46. Thank god it wasn’t any worse!
    Prayers for your parents to mend fast!
    The car can be replaced your parents can’t.
  47. Sorry to hear this!

    Prayers and good thoughts comin your way!!!
  48. Prayers and thoughts for you and your folks Matt
    speedy recovery
  49. Prayers sent up for comfort and healing for your folks.
  50. cross.jpg
    For a speedy recovery and for strength, patience and wisdom for you and your brothers.
  51. Tough old geezers for sure! Get well soon. Get out of the hospital as soon as they can and keep truckin. Lucky to have offspring that care.
  52. That blows. Glad they are ok though.

    Where in jersey did that happen?
  53. WOW Best of luck on their recovery. Sounds like they were both really lucky, judging from the car on it's side. I'm old enough to remember actually riding in model A's My Dad had a flatbed pickup and for awhile an AA dump truck.
  54. Texting, distractions, on and on.............
  55. The car survives almost a hundred years to be done in by a cell phone user.
    Just a guess.
  56. Sorry to hear this. Glad they both survived. Hoping for a speedy recovery. But I know that it’s not that simple as us old ppl don’t heal up as quick as we used to. My prayers are sent. Kim
  57. Glad your parents will recover,i hope for a quick and full recovery.
    Sad about the car,hope the other driver had good insurance,he’s going to need it. If they fix car, hope its done in a timely fashion.
  58. Sorry to hear. Wishing your parents a speedy recovery.
  59. Wow, incredible they escaped without more injuries. Wish them well for us all and good on you for doing your part to make sure they are comfortable.
  60. Dang Matt! That's awful. I stopped reading and said a prayer for all of y'all....and especially your parents before I even finished reading your post. I'm sure they will be in good hands with you and your brothers taking care of them. Sounds like your Mom is going to be hurting for a while. A handicap shower chair may be a big help for them if your brothers can round one up pretty quickly before they get home. Be prepared for the pain meds to stop your Mom up, which can cause her as much or worse pain if it happens. I'm so glad you and your brothers can be there for them. I wouldn't give the car a whole lot of thought until your folks are vastly improved.
  61. My older brother has rounded up a shower chair. I got to round up a cheap rental car for the week, or get a car service to bring me to their house and back to the airport. Kinda pointless to rent it all week and have it just sit there. Been there w pain meds before. The flip side is when I come back home here, my brothers will be helping tor 2 weeks before I have to hop a flight back.
  62. If it's not so far from the airport to their house, maybe just get an Uber to their place and then use their daily driver if you need to run out for anything. When your Mom can get off the high powered pain meds, the Tylenol and Ibuprofen liquigel capsules work better and quicker than the hard pills of the same thing. My wife has been recovering from Bunion surgery on her foot, and has been thru all the pain med trials and tribulations recently. I know you have a thousand things going thru your mind, and are probably pretty stressed over all of it, but I have no doubt that you will be of great help and comfort to them. Hang in there man....you got this!

  63. My thoughts and prayers or a speedy recovery
  64. Prayers have been sent for a speedy recovery! Sorry to hear about them.
  65. Wish the best to your folks.
  66. Prayers for a quick & full recovery and to all affected!
  67. Just seen this, prayers for your parents
  68. Damn Matt sorry to hear this. I hope they are doing ok. Prayers sent from our household to all of you.
  69. I've wanted a Model AA truck since I was a kid watchin The Waltons. I still want one.