PST Power disc brake help

wes beem

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Apr 16, 2017
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I purchased the front power disc brake conversion kit from PST Performance a while back.

Ive been trying to get info from them on the master cylinder and they have not been helpful.

I purchased a set of brake lines for a 71 duster with power disc brakes and the fitting that goes on the rear most side of the master cylinder was WRONG.

PST has been unable/unwilling to tell me what size fitting and flare style i need, the car has been undrivable for weeks because it pisses brake fluid at the master cylinder attatchment point. can someone point me in the right direction? I JUST need the rear drop down line that goes from the master cylinder to the distribution block below.
Looks like a Ford master cylinder. The ports are 7/16-24 and 3/8-24.
A Mopar master (like you got your lines for) are 9/16-20 and 1/2-20.
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Thanks much! Do you know what kinda flares i need? Bubble, Double, Regular ext? I am so frustrated that PST cant even tell me what their own Product runs.
Inverted flare, and on brake systems it's always a double flare.
Bubble flares were almost exclusively used on European vehicles of that vintage.