Pulling a 5th wheel RV trailer with a 1/2 ton.

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    Thanks everyone for your input. I cant afford a modern 5th wheel and have been looking at older ones, which of course weigh more. I'll probably skip it, since buying a truck is out of the question and look at a bumper pull trailers again.

    Im not worried about the axle, since I have a lifetime drive line warranty. What I dont understand is how is the load on the axle any different weather its centered over it or a couple feet behind it?? In my thoughts the only thing that changes is the load isnt pushing straight down on top of the axle rather back and at an angle... Either way I think is the same forces on the bearings and I honestly would think the tugging of a trailer behind the truck would be much worse.
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    In most down hill situations and definitely in the rain I would always reach for the brake controller first to set it straight.
    Switching to radial tires on the trailer helped a lot too.
    5th wheels are way more stable in the wind or when getting passed at speed.
    When we had our 3rd child I moved that plate into my crewcab dually and while I felt more 'secure' it didn't "handle" all that much better and was more of a PIA to park in tight campgrounds.

    IMG_0987 Dually w 5th.jpg
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