Question about my retainer to guide clearance.

Michael Harrington

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Feb 19, 2018
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Holland MI
My new EQ heads got a clean bill of health from my machine shop. I had them cut down the valve guides for increased cam lift capability. I will run the Hughes spring kit (HUG-1199 coil bind at .600) Engine will be a 360 Magnum , Tunnel ram, 2 Edelbrock 500s, 727 RMVB 391 sure grip in a 1995 2wd Dakota. I have circled in red the total clearance from retainer to guide- with and without the valve seal installed. With the VS in place I have .600". Subtract the .050" and this leaves me theoretically with .550" max lift for a camshaft? Howards has a cam 229/233 .555.549 that has the power range I like but is the lift not safe? I see Chevy LS .050" offset valve locks for 7 degree 8mm single groove (radial) valves- is this an option? Thanks everyone.


Should be able to take an 1/8 In. off your guides and be well within range for the lift you want
I’m not sure. The base may be taken down to, talk to the guy at the machine shop. Or take a little off the bottom of your seals. I’ve got a set from comp. I don’t have them here to measure
I dont see any problem with .050 something retainer to seal clearance , that's the minimum I'd run though. You can use .050 locks for. 100+ but it's not necessary. That cam the time it gets to the valve will be .530 probably . Fwiw w/o a geometry kit you will see a loss due to the 59 degree lifter bank setting the push rod an angle at the lifter and the adjuster that grows with lifter rise .imo. 070 is nice...but you can get by with .050 something.