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    Hello there! Looking for a rallye dash to put in my 72 Dart. Looking for the whole dash, gauges, wiring, etc. If you have one in a parts car doing nothing, I might be interested! No dash pad is OK. I'm to understand that trying to install just the gauges in the 72 and up A-bodies is really not worth the effort. That's why I'm looking for the whole dash deal. If someone can help out, it would be greatly appreciated! And no, I can't afford the $1,000,000 dollar rallye dash assembly. Just fair please!! I have a 5.9 Magnum engine, trans, ECU, wiring harness out of a 96 1 ton van to trade if anyone is interested. Have exhaust manifolds, y-pipe & converter too! 100K miles. Thanks! :-D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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