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Random pictures thread

  1. I recently went to see the site of the shipwreck Peter Iredale, ran ashore in 1906. She was a 284' sail ship from Liverpool England, headed for Portland Oregon. Before she could be towed back to sea, she tipped over a little bit, preventing the rescue. Crazy thing, this was the first time I've actually been there to see it, and it's practically in my back yard!

    Show us what you've got! Share your pictures below!
  2. The Kinsol Trestle in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. Carmen and I drove out to it a few weeks ago. It's one of the tallest trestles in the world and was finished in 1920. They used it to transport old growth trees for lumber.

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  3. You did say "random".
  4. Oh, my, Rob. Did you capture that shot? You musta spent quite a while waiting for the right moment! Lol
  5. I kinda think those random moments happen quite often from what I am seeing. :D

    This is an old gold mine barn on a creek way back in the mountains where we sometimes ride our dirt bikes.
    Still has those old hand crank oil depenser tanks, and a bunch of PVC piping for sluicing in it.

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  6. [​IMG]
    Clarkfield MN 10-13-15
  7. My grandson and I at this dinosaur park in front of the Virginia Beach airport. Some guy builds them and donates them. He even has a pterodactyl sitting in a tree. You can imagine how much a 6 year old likes it.
  8. Just some equipment at the potash mine I worked at in Vanscoy, Saskatchewan.
  9. ...
  10. This was our family "top gun turret" as mounted by my father on the old well, for the "new crop" of grandkids to play in. After WWII, stuff was sold cheap surplus, and the sellers often lied, about "hydraulic pumps," "motors" and all kinds of equipment you could allegedly use. This thing has 28VDC motors, hardly very useful for most "farm" applications. It was in my Grampa's barn for decades, and my cousins and I shot down countless enemy aircraft, LMAO

    This was made by "Crocker Wheeler," and was used for gun training only--- not combat. It was either used mounted on the back of a truck for training, or in a AT-11 "twin Beech) A/C

    One year a couple of warbirds came into town, and I mentioned that "my family owns a top turret" They thought I was nuts, but I insisted, and they ended up going over and talking to Dad. He sold it to them for all of 500. I think he gave it to them.


    Some info

  11. Remember when you couldn't care less about a '70 Barracuda??????????????
  12. A picture from one year ago in Colorado and a picture of a buck my buddy hit a few years back. Now that I posted my picture on here I'll have to empty out my inbox of all the fan mail from the ladies :)
  13. This is a shot from a trail cam strapped to a tree near a bear bait a few years ago.

    Everyone thinks it is a National Geographic pic
  14. Back to cars. :D

    A pic I just modified a little.
  15. Scuba diving in Key Largo Florida. That is me on the right taking a photo of my wife hugging Jesus.:blob:

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  16. Picture I took of a barn fire.
    It was used on the front page of the newspaper.
  17. Pics of some of the Bourbon distilleries, I visit to work on there equipment!
    The Barrels are fresh filled and on their way to the barrelhouses to be aged! The black barrelhouses are just a couple Makers that spot the country side!
  18. Hiking at a place called Lake O'Hara.
  19. Survivor Cuda with Lotsa options. Taken last year in front of my house.
  20. Not sure why I can't load more than 1 picture at a time?
  21. Another
  22. I figured you guys would like this one...a certain ford product I once owned



    the ONLY body panels not damaged in this little mishap were the trunklid and the rear bumper (this was before you could go three wide down 16th street)

    and here is a picture of me and a buddy, right after we got done doing some mudrunning on the lawnmower at the local park
    (this picture was taken about 3 minutes before the cops got there)

    I'm the one on the left

  23. WOW , what a nice car , love them Comets
  24. Now that's one insane picture. I have never seen it from that perspective.
  25. Just hanging with some friends.
  26. That's gorgeous. I want a barrel or two....
  27. I have a very detailed HO model of that from Rivarossi. It's badass.
  28. Last Saturday over Amarillo.... didn't get to see what made them but we have had B-2s and other interesting shows....

  29. This is Norma Jean, a Burmese Python. She is about 10' long and weighs close to 100lbs. She is one of my favorite little critters at work. There is a animal science program at the college I work at and there are a bunch of exotic animals there. I get the pleasure of getting her out of her cage for some stretch time.. She loves men and likes me to hold her.

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  30. The sign at the visitors center in the Olympic rain forest.
  31. A stitch of four from the GC earlier this year ............

  32. My old Hemi duster
  33. Just some random Carlisle photos

  34. ...










  35. ....






  36. Cool,
    Touched that "Christ of the Abyss" staute myself. There were some very large Barracudas there when we dropped in on that dive.
  37. Our church has a 40 year missionary in PNG, works with the Kobon people. He translated the entire new testament into the Kobon language (and a 2nd tribes!) and then published it. They didnt even have an alphabet! Then he set up a school to teach the natives how to read it...truly a miracle in this day.
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  39. Rain Storm front that rolled through on June 27th at 10:00 a.m.

    Neat high pressure, low pressure front defining line.

  40. photos-17-1.jpg

  41. What were the barracudas powered by ------lol
  42. Was wondering if someone was going to pick up on that Barracuda thing. Lol . .

    They were big Barracudas, glad they looked and turned the other way.

    Here are a couple old film photos from our underwater camera from that dive back in November 1995.


    Crazy . . .
  43. pics-22-2.jpg

  44. Here ya go. This is some parts that is at a place I was at. Kim










  45. More








  46. IMG_0046.jpeg
  47. This is in the cotton mill where I work. Twice a year my group blows off all the lint on the ductwork. This guy also uses a vacuum every day to suck as much lint as possible on a daily basis.

  48. e3d0a1730f4243e1db26ad3c3973877e.jpg
  49. 8f275af8ae97336bd330ebec3eccd47a.jpg
  50. 4d1e207b6bf83e65233df2328262f560.jpg
  51. Barn, at My cabin. --- Back Yard.JPG S B 4 Rent - 9.JPG
  52. Few more pics. Kim




  53. Indian's and a Harley or 3.:)
  54. Just installed a new rear end.

  55. .

    Anal Kingdom.jpg
  56. Utah trip.

    565D4B6A-E33B-45F7-ACD8-27C3D83CDFDE.jpeg BFC21C5F-635D-4CF9-B2FB-A74CB96151FD.jpeg F508A9FE-B2D5-4E20-95C4-6EAB74D0D7F8.jpeg 87F7E131-AEFD-49AB-B208-52732D967035.jpeg FD0E7F49-EA7D-4186-8ABB-63973B28E55F.jpeg AFCD765F-4F1C-4BAD-9617-275FCEA3D1D9.jpeg 2A90E057-0EFB-4D19-ABEB-7F4437F626B0.jpeg
  57. Free Loaner

  58. The engine in the Red Indian, is that what they call the "Square Four" ?

    A guy rode in a Square 4 to Sturgis back in the mid '80s, very unique engine.
  59. upload_2019-7-23_9-17-24.png
  60. 1DX_9564.jpg
  61. Ariel Square Four ….. Brit bike

  62. Vespa, "Chicago Special" model.
  63. OK that looks more like the Square 4, think they have 2 crankshafts in them.
    Brit Bike.
  64. OK, that Indian must be an inline 4 instead of the Brit Square 4.
  65. Yep, that's it. Inline 4, Saw these bikes last weekend at the Wauseon Ohio meet. I'm on the lookout for Harley Davidson J and JD parts, restoring one with a buddy.
  66. Harley Davidson J model.



  67. UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_9ef.jpg Does this make your mouth water....or what?
  68. Took these photos a few weeks ago while in Erie. I give you the Brig Niagara from the battle of Lake Erie fought September 10th 1813 against the British in the War of 1812..


    Brig Niagra.jpg
  69. Took this photo at the lake last time I was there.......2 Snapping Turtles doing the wild thing.

  70. Game night with the cousins in the late 60s

  71. Jay Leno's mechanics car .. 1958 Chrysler 300 D ... Fuel injected a handful, and then recalled them to replace the fuel injection unit with a carb. I don't use the word stunning a lot, but will now.

    Absolutely stunning !

  72. The End

  73. upload_2019-7-26_8-46-54.png
  74. Bentley.jpg
  75. Oh wow!! Are those yours?? I like classic bikes almost as much as I like classic cars and trucks!
  76. .
  77. Installed the driveshaft, getting there...

  78. Wigwam village.


  79. I wish they were, they were at the bike swap meet in Wauseon oh.
  80. upload_2019-7-27_16-46-58.png
  81. tumblr_pr4v9hNLe51uxpcvmo1_540.jpg
    I still dream of Jeanie
  82. temp3_27c97024eeeec9a6c6979f0fda21384c386f7793.jpg
  83. 88688dbcbab5337d83a6de85476d7cf8--film-barbara-barbara-eden.jpg
  84. My cat helping unpack the driveshaft.

    5AFF7AAC-0EA2-425E-9A26-2D8834ACEC30.jpeg 66D891E8-15B6-49FD-829D-1F7FC953E95B.jpeg
  85. When a pickup is just not enough

    63 mack b.jpg