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Rest In Peace Tony Fields

  1. I just got a message from Kegan, long time A body owner and FABO member Tony Fields passed away this morning. RIP Tony and thank you for being the great guy you were.
  2. So sorry to hear, RIP Tony.
  3. RIP Tony... :usflag:

    He was a great guy... :thumbsup:

    I really enjoyed attending his cookouts when I was at shows in Indy...
  4. R.I.P. Tony.
  5. Wow so sad to hear...R I P Tony...
  6. Didn't know Tony, but sounds like we lost one of the best. RIP
  7. Anytime a member passes, we lose a friend. I know a few guys by first name but what was his handle?
  8. Rest in Peace.
  9. RIP Tony.
  10. His screen name was his name, Tony Fields...
  11. Very sad news.Prayers to all!
  12. R.I.P. Sir
  13. Got the same message from Keagan B this morning.
    I'm going to meet up with him in just a couple hours. Will get more info if there is any.
    Damn sorry and sad to hear about Tony's passing. This world just lost a damn nice guy. He'll be missed for sure.
  14. a truly sad day. RIP Tony
  15. Tony Fields was his handle
  16. Rest in Peace Tony.He will be truely missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to family and friends. Kim
  17. R.I.P. Tony .
    my condolences to Thelma family and friends .
  18. Oh no, man he was a nice guy...thats terrible news.
    He will be missed greatly.

    Rip Tony
  19. RIP Tony, sad for sure.
  20. I was out for breakfast this morning eith Mike/2darts and were talking about Tony.
    He reached out to me and dad when dad bought his 67. Helped us out with knowledge and parts.
    Great guy!
    Our condolences to everyone affected by his passing. Even more so to people he affected while he was with us.
    God speed Tony. RIP
  21. ......Rest In Peace my friend ..... I wish we had met a long time ago.
  22. If someone is sending flowers on behalf of FABO, Im in
  23. I so much regret I never got to meet some of these guys. Money, time, life, does not allow No doubt from what I've read on here, Tony IS a great guy!!
  24. Very sad to hear, a great asset to the forum and now a LEGEND. I did not know Tony but followed his posts. May God comfort his family in these days of sadness. We truly have lost a great man and member. My best to his family and friends. Scampman
  25. So sad to hear,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,my heart goes out to thelma and family....................................................Jeff
  26. My heart is heavy with this news, he was one of the nicest people we've met from the site!! My prayers are with his family now, and to God to welcome him home!! Rest In Peace Tony, we will miss you terribly!!! Geof, Wendy, Nella and Ian!!
  27. Prayers to Tony's family in their time of loss.
  28. I met Tony at Monster Mopar a few times and I was parked in his FABO area.When I met him he made me feel like I knew him for years.Really nice guy that would do anything for you. I am sorry I didn't get to meet up with him again.RIP Tony...
  29. R.I.P. Tony
  30. God Bless your family, Tony.
  31. RIP Tony. Every time a man dies, an entire Library of knowledge is lost!
  32. Spoke with Keagan B a little while ago, says Thelma told him there will be no services. That's the way Tony wanted it. There may be a celebration of life at a later date.
  33. RIP
  34. Never met Tony, he was friends with a few I know on the board and all had great things to say about him. Sorry to read of his passing.

  35. Rest in peace Tony. Never had a chance to meet you, but you had a huge impact on this site.
    You will sorely be missed. Prayers sent to all your family and friends.
  36. So glad I got the chance to meet Tony and Thelma. Just not enough words right now.

  37. R.I.P. Tony. You will be missed. My condolences to the family
  38. Going to miss you Tony.
  39. so sad ,r.i.p.
  40. This is Tony's Cuda. He sold it to his son in law who took it out to one of the shows last month.

  41. Prayers to Thelma, Tony's family & friends.
  42. I knew after meeting him recently that it wouldn't be long ... but man, this news sucks. A great man who never failed to help, he will be very sorely missed. I'm having trouble reading the screen -- everything is kinda blurry.

    Rest in Peace my friend! Love, hugs and prayers to Thelma and his family. And a big group hug for all of US. <<< FABO >>>

    It's about the person you've become.jpg
  43. I had to sell my cuda. But it was my dream to build it like Tony's car except with a set of cragars. What a beautiful car. Tony did a really really nice job on that car.
  44. R.I.P .My condolences to his family and friends.
  45. So sorry to see this! We never met but He and Memike were two of the nicest and most respected members on this board IMO. Prayers to Thelma and his entire family and all the friends he made that will miss him so much. RIP Tony
  46. I'm really saddend to hear about Tony's passing this evening. All I can say is FABO lost another great member with lots of knowledge. I first met Tony back in 2011 at the Monster Mopar Weekend when it was held at Indy and he made you feel like he knew you for years. He was just an all around great guy and he will be greatly missed.
    RIP Tony
  47. Rest In Peace Tony.
  48. RIP Tony. A great man that was loved by all who met him and many who never had the pleasure. I hope to see you again my friend.

  49. Sad to here this. RIP Tony.
  50. What a great guy,he reached out to me when I joined.
    Nicest guy on this forum and what a sense of humor. ...never seen him negative or mad,he rolled with the punches kind of guy !!!
    Rest In Peace Tony.
    We miss you and your friendship.
  51. DSCN1176.JPG

    Until we meet up again, so long my friend! Rest In Peace
  52. With sadness, we say goodbye to Tony. In happiness, we will remember his life and the joy he brought to those who's lives he touched.

    Rest in Peace Tony. We are better for having felt your presence and wish you eternal comfort in the arms of the angels.

  53. Rest in Peace Tony
  54. Awesome...Ride off, in peace ....
  55. R.I.P Tony Fields.....Never met you but surely you made your mark in this community. Thoughts and prayers to your family and friends.
  56. I wake on this day with sorrow in my hart for all the family , Thelma his wife and friend is in many prayers again today, I have lost to many brothers ,,, i am a mess, I look into the trees and see many souls I have lost and and ,well I loved this man and what he lived for... no greater man has stepped into my life :( ... Rest in peace big brother... RIP.


  57. RIP Tony. He touched the lives of many. The world would be a better place if we all had a little bit of Tony in each of us.
  58. Rest in peace Tony
    Your kindness and dedication to the hobby will be truly missed.
  59. R.I.P. Tony. :(
  60. Sad to hear.
    My condolences to his family and friends.
    I sure wish i could have met you, sounds like you were a great man and you will be missed by all.
    R.I.P. Tony, you're work is done here.
  61. This is really bothering me ...... Tony is a great guy. He took the pic of me and my wife at the Madison Indiana car show with his car.... I took the one of him as we were walking up. 13322056_10209742674310665_5939588062370059738_n.jpg 13332728_1735289283391463_4179108181840887682_n.jpg
  62. Very sorry to read this.

    I met Tony and Thelma a few years ago Sinco de Mopar. So thankful I had a chance to meet him and visit for a while.

    RIP Tony. Prayers for his family.
  63. So sorry to hear this! I never got to meet him, but form his posts and what members that have said about him he sounded like one heck of a nice person.
    RIP Tony!
    Thoughts and prayers to all his family and friends!

  64. There is one thing to look forward to is that someday each and every one of us will see Tony again and talk Mopars forever. You are a true LEGEND Tony and will be sadly missed. Goodbye for now Tony, Scampman
  65. Rip Tony
  66. RIP Tony a man that did not give up and fought till the end.
  67. RIP Tony and prayers to Thelma..

  68. Condolences to his Family! RIP!
  69. The man with the magical garage. I remember when I saw pics. Ride on Tony! We miss you already.
  70. It's with a VERY heavy heart that I respond to this thread :( :( :(

    Thelma called me early yesterday morning to let me know that Tony had left us. The past couple of days have been both reflective & humbling. Tony was a strong, friendly, generous, helpful & wonderful person. His genuine caring nature will never be forgotten. I will miss him terribly & hope that time will help heal the voids he's left in our hearts.

    Please RIP & deepest condolences to his family that he so desperately loved! The picture below is from happier times with his beloved wife & daughter.

    God Speed my friend...

  71. How can you disagree with a family who loved hot rodding,? That Cuda is obvious, his love for 2.2 turbo rides,blowers rock my mind:)
  72. An American Eagle landed just 150 yards from my home Sunday around 2pm, all I could think of as I looked at this strong bird was Tony (Tone), blessed is the man on the hill to have had him in my life, for all the wisdom he shared with me and the many meals we enjoyed together as Thelma cooked and prepped for us.
    I wake on this day thinking and praying for Thelma and all the many family members and friends that has been touched by his humble hart.. so glad they spent a couple days with me here on the hill on his last ride..

  73. You two are American ,as they get. THANKS for the response, Me Mike.
  74. RIP
  75. I'm so sad to hear this.
  76. God's speed Tony!!!

    May you Rest In Peace

    Thoughts and well wishes to his family and friends.....
  77. Never met Tony personally, however learned a lot from him and his build thread. Rest in peace FABO brother, save me some parking space at that great car show in the sky.
  78. Enjoy the after-life Tony.

    We'll all see you sooner or later.

  79. dang - didn't get on here much over the weekend... sad news :( RIP good sir.
  80. Rest In Peace!
  81. Didn't know him, but he is well spoken of here. R.I.P. to a Mopar brother
  82. This has really darkened my day. Rest in peace Tony
  83. RIP Tony Mopar Heaven has gained an Angel
  84. I never had the opportunity to meet Tony, but I admired and respected both his love and knowledge of Mopars.
    From everything said here by those who knew him, he was a remarkable individual and one we were lucky to have as part of this forum.
    Godspeed, Tony.
    You will be missed, but never forgotten.
  85. Sorry to hear this...glad he's at peace - RIP
  86. I never met Tony but he helped me by sending me rubber plugs for my 73 Dart after I sent him a PM inquiring about a plug vendor. He said he would check his stash and get back to me, the next day I got a PM from Tony saying he had the plugs I needed. He asked for my address to mail them to me and then I asked him for his address to pay for postage and $$$ for the plugs, he said "it's my pleasure". That's the type of guy Tony was...always willing to help a fellow FABO'er whether he knew him/her or not. From the numerous posts on FABO I saw from Tony, I can see he helped a lot of people by sharing his knowledge and his love of all things MOPAR. R.I.P Tony and condolences to his wife and family. You will be deeply missed by many........but know you are smiling down on us while laying down rubber and pulling the front wheels!!!!
  87. Can we put a face to the name?
  88. There's a number of pictures on page 3 of this thread. I love the one with him waving from his car. Also great pictures of Tony with other members.

    RIP Tony. I didn't personally know you, but I know how you helped a number of FABO members, Bill and his Duster immediately come to mind.
  89. I don't know his name, but his face rings a bell...