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Rip Norm Mc Donald

  1. 61 years old
  2. Like, the comedian Norm McDonald?
  3. Another great comedian gone. He and Mitch Hedberg were my two of my favorites.
  4. I've heard Norm was himself, 100% of the time. What you saw was how he was each and every day.
  5. Sad day indeed
  6. RIP Norm, thanks for the laughs!!
  7. A master stand up comedian.

    Gold standard for talk show guest.
  8. One of the funniest "late" stars of SNL.

    IMO Phil Hartman was probably the last that can be put into that category.
  9. The Bob Dole act was great and European Gigalow was great
  10. Yes he had a way with delivering good humor! Nothing political about this, so don’t respond and derail things with making it about politics please. This is funny shit making fun of a miserable person...its the old “there’s truth in all good humor” (or something like that) thing!