Scoop question

Which Scoop

  • Mini Pro Stock

    Votes: 16 8.6%
  • Aero Scoop

    Votes: 14 7.5%
  • Dual Snorkle

    Votes: 157 84.0%

  • Total voters
First let me say to the op, don't waste your time using the ABS plastic scoop. I have the 7 inch tall mopar pro-stock scoop on my 73 dart. In less than six months the scoop has cracked around the pop-rivet holes. But maybe it was, the scoop didn't like going 125 MPH in the 1/4 mile
I had to run the 7 inch one to clear my tunnel ram. but to answer your Question i like the scoop number 3 the best. I had one on my 73 dart sport. mopar65
I have the #1 type scoop on mine (See avatar) It's edges are filled in to blend into the hood, if you go into my photo gallery and look at the front end picture, on the front right side of the scoop you can see where it has cracked already from vibrations, this was even repaired from a previous crack in the same area before the blue paint went on.

I'm leaning toward finding another hood and loose the scoop entirely, or if possible save the hood I got and switch to a #3 type scoop if it will cover the hole that is cut in the hood.
Factory snorkel hands down no if's,ands or butts...well it depends on what the butt looks like,could be swayed possibly...
not a fan of #1 or #2 ... look way out of place, and unless you're running a big blower or something under the hood, probably unnecessary... and GY3 is a great color ... see my car in my sig for photos of mine :)
This is the oldest on going poll I've ever seen. So...

Dual snorkel and I'll take those wheels! :D